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The DEAL application is filled-out and submitted via an online form.

If you are selected to participate, you are expected to attend all sessions, be fully involved, and devote the time and resources required to complete the DEAL program.

If you have any questions about this application, or need additional information, please contact one of the DEAL Co-chairs:
Susan Dana (,
Rob Maher (,
or Meg Konkel (

The application deadline is Friday, April 14, 2017.

BEFORE BEGINNING the online application, please note that you will be asked to provide a few short paragraphs about your background and interests. It may be easiest for you to prepare the written material separately in advance using a word processor, then cut-and-paste your responses into this online form. The questions will be:

[1] Cut-and-paste a summary copy of your CV (4 pages or fewer).

[2] Write a short paragraph to tell us a little about the range of responsibilities in your current position. Specify those for which you are directly responsible.

[3] Write one or two short paragraphs addressing the major challenges you see currently facing MSU/higher education.

[4] What are the two most important challenges that you face in your position?

[5] In a short paragraph provide some thoughts on your anticipated contribution and anticipated gain: why are you interested in participating in this program, and what experiences/attributes/knowledge will you bring to the program and the discussions?

Applicants must also provide a brief letter of support from the academic unit. Please provide a letter from your Dean or from your immediate supervisor. If your letter is from your immediate supervisor, please have it countersigned by the Dean of your college. The letter of support should be sent (e-mail) to Julia Tietz,  

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