dealJeff Adams, Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Robert Arnold, Director,
School of Film and Photography

Randy Babbitt. Director,
Spectrum Lab

Terry Beaubois, Director,
Creative Research Lab

Scott Bryant, Director,
Center for Entrepreneurship        

Anne Camper, Associate Dean,
College of Engineering

David Cherry, Director, Liberal and American Studies Programs

Suzanne Christopher, Director, Center for Native Health Partnerships

Chris Fastnow, Associate Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

Vaughan Judge, Director, School of Art

Linda Karell, Chair, Department of English

Elizabeth Kinion, Campus Director, College of Nursing

Ilse-Mari Lee, Director, Honors Program

Rob Maher, Head, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bret Olson, Interim Head, Animal and Range Sciences

John Paxton, Head, Computer Science

Fatih Rifki, Director, School of Architecture

Brian Rossmann, Associate Dean, Libraries

David Singel, Head, Department of Chemistry

Dick Smith, Head, Department of Physics

Tracy Sterling, Head, Department of Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Wendy Stock, Head, Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics

Ruth Striegel-Moore, Head, Department of Psychology

Brett Walker, Head, Department of History and Philosophy

Melody Zajdel, Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science