dealSession I - September 2, 2009
Team Building/Time Management
Devorah Lieberman, Provost, Wagner University

Session II, October 7, 2009
Leading Change/Communication
Dan Moshavi, Dean
Laura Black, Assistant Professor of Management
College of Business, Montana State University

Session III, November 4, 2009
MBTI Assessment
Carina Beck, Director, Career, Internship
and Student Employment Services,
Montana State University

Panel Discussion: Delegation
Michael Redburn, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and former superintendent of Bozeman Public Schools
Jeff Welch, Founder and CEO MercuryCSC
Bill Tietz, former President, Montana State University

Session IV, December 2, 2009
Conflict Management/Negotiation
Suzanne McCorkle, Co-Chair, Department of Public Policy & Administration Director,
Office of Conflict Management Services, Boise State University

Session V, February 3, 2010
Decision Making/Problem Solving
Eric Austin, Associate Professor of Political Science Director, Public Administration Program, Montana State University

Session VI, March 3, 2010
Budgets as a Management Tool/Public Stewardship
Nikki Kwawitz, VP for Finance & Administration, University of Missouri System

Session VII, April 7, 2010
Resource Development
Michael Stevenson, Assistant Vice President for Development, MSU Foundation

Panel Discussion: Friend-Raising and Fund-Raising from the Departmental Perspective

John Paxton, Department Head, Computer Science
Ruth Striegel-Moore, Department Head, Psychology
David Singel, Department Head, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Brett Walker, Department of History & Philosophy


Chris Juliar, Director, Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC

Perception Management with Outside Constituencies

Cathy Conover, Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs, Office of Communication & Public Affairs, Montana State University

Session VIII, May 5, 2010
Leadership Concepts
Dave Foster, Adjunct Instructor of Management, College of Business Montana State University