Workshops in a variety of topics will be offered during the upcoming academic year.

Video Library of Past Workshops

  • Teaching
  • Online Teaching
  • Advising
  • Classroom Management
  • Research
  • Service
  • Writing
  • Classroom Technology
  • Other Topics  Including
    • Assisting Students in Distress
    • Emotional Well-being, Suicide Prevention and Substance Abuse Prevention Among College Students: A Public Health Approach
    • Higher Education in the UK: A report from the 2015 summer visit to the ancient universities
    • How Faculty Can Use Social Media to their Advantage
    • Responding to the Safety and Welfare Needs of Students. 
    • Slide Serenity: Designing Effective Presentations
    • Visualizing your Research: Graphic Abstracts and Figures
    • Working With Our Millennial Students