Grant Writing Bootcamp is designed to help grant-interested faculty produce a quality, successful proposal, with valuable information and support from grant-successful facilitators. Participants have the opportunity to interact with grant-successful senior faculty, to work with peer support in writing groups, and to use a team of proposal support personnel who have the submitter's individual needs in mind.


Latest Boot Camp

Summer 2018

Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Go through the grant-writing process from beginning to end while working on your own NIH grant proposal. Learn about writing specific aims that will draw your reviewers into your proposal, the NIH review process and how reviewers think, and how to organize your research plan. We will also have a session on clinical trials and go over the new guidelines. With feedback from peers and experts, this 4-week workshop is designed to help novice grant writers make significant progress on their proposal.

Session 3: Peer Review and How to write the Significance, Innovation and Approach sections.

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Grant Writing Bootcamp Facilitator Guide 

Want to run your own Boot Camp? Check out the Facilitator's Guide that provides background on the development of the course, timelines for planning and scheduling, and outlines of the sessions. The Guides provides detailed information about the resources needed with links to examples and templates to make your Boot Camp a success.

To request the hardcopy publication, contact nikastoop@montana.edu

Analysis of Impact

We looked at a one-year pre-post test of the impact of Bootcamp on women faculty in STEM’s research capacity was reported in the peer-reviewed journal Bioscience (Smith et al., 2017). Over the span of one year (and contrasting results with a comparison sample who were not part of the intervention) showed women participating in Grant-Writing Bootcamp significantly increased the number of external grants submitted, number of proposals led as PI, number of external grants awarded, and amount of external funding dollars awarded.

Smith, J.L., Stoop, C. D., Young, M., Belou. R., Held, S. (2017).  Grant-Writing Bootcamp: An Intervention to Enhance the Research Capacity of Academic Women in STEM. BioScience. 67 (7): 638-645. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/biosci/bix050