January 13, 2000
PRESENT:  Sherwood, McDermott, Burgess, Kommers, Neff, Leech, Benham,
          Howard, Duncan, Larsen, Harkin, Nehrir, Mooney, Miller for
          Weaver, Amend, Locke, Levy, Bogar, Bond, Jelinski, McKinsey,
          Lynch, Fisher, Butterfield, Scott, Griffith, Carlstrom.

ABSENT:   Ag Econ, Hatfield, O'Neill, Anderson, Peed, Jost, Lansverk,
          Francis, Prawdzienski.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Elect Ron Larsen.  The
minutes of the December 1, 1999, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Ron Larsen.
     - A memo sent to Commissioner of Higher Education Crofts by UGC
     Steering Committee during the between-semester break was
     - The following resolution was introduced, "In recognition of the
     enduring contribution of President Michael Malone to Montana
     State University, the MSU Faculty Council unanimously resolves to
     suspend classes between 3:10 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday,
     February 8th, 2000 so that faculty, staff and students may attend
     the campus tribute in Dr. Malone's honor.  We encourage all
     faculty, staff and students to join us in celebrating the life of
     President Malone and remembering his contributions to this
          - A motion was made to approve the resolution.  The motion
was seconded.
          - A motion was made by Bill Locke to amend the motion by
          removing the word "unanimously".  The motion to amend was
          seconded and carried.
          - The motion to approve the resolution as amended carried.
     - The written material to be used during the conversation on
     tenure with regents on January 19 was distributed.
     Representatives from MSU-Bozeman who will participate in the
     conversation include John Amend, Ron Larsen, Dave Dooley, Joe
     Fedock, and ASMSU President Jared Harris.  There will be about
     five representatives from each unit of the system, in addition to
     - Two resolutions introduced in Faculty Council last semester
     regarding faculty teaching load will be discussed later in the
     - Post-tenure review will be discussed after the conversation on
     tenure, if appropriate.

Nominating Committee report - George Tuthill.
     - A Chair for the MSU Benefits Committee Chair is still needed.
     Please let George know of any possible nominees.
     - In the short term, someone is needed to represent MSU at the
     next Inter-unit Benefits Committee meeting in Helena.  It was
     suggested Jerry Coffey, past chair of the MSU Benefits Committee,
     represent MSU at the upcoming Inter-unit Benefits Committee
     meeting.  No objections to the suggestion were voiced.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Jack Jelinski.
     - The vice presidents have approved changes to Faculty Handbook
     Sections 400-600-800  which clarify retention review requirements
     and which were forwarded to President Malone Fall Semester.

Proposed Changes to Faculty Handbook Section 1100 (Compensation in
Excess of Contracted Salary).
     - The proposed changes can be found on the web at
     - Faculty should especially note Section 1124 which reorganizes
     information currently included in the policy.
          - Additions to Section 1124.03 clarify 2/9 AY vs. 3/9 AY
          additional compensation.
          - Section 1124.04 recommends a 20% limit to retention
          incentives, which is consistent with other additional
     - An important addition to the policy is the requirement that a
     written record of the agreement be kept by the department head,
     dean and provost.
     - Additional compensation has always been an option for teaching
     additional courses, but now it is clearly stated.
     - There was brief discussion of whether retention incentives
     should be limited to 20%.  Looking at past records, it is
     difficult to know what part of a faculty member's increase was a
     retention incentive, so it is not clear how much retention
     incentives have been.
     - Retention incentives are base changes in salary.
     - There will be further discussion of the policy.

Proposed Change to Faculty Handbook Section 440 (Conflict of
     - It is proposed by the Faculty Affairs Committee and by UGC
     Steering Committee that the following statement be added to
     Faculty Handbook Section 441.0l B as a second paragraph.
     "Faculty members should not profit as a result of recommending a
     specific vendor for the purchase of texts or course materials by
     their students, whether on-line or from other sources.  If this
     situation cannot be avoided the faculty member shall disclose the
     reason for the recommendation and the extent of their financial
     involvement so that a conflict management plan can be developed."

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45

Joann Amend, Faculty Council Secretary