April 19, 2000
PRESENT:  Sherwood, McDermott, Kommers, Peed, Neff, Leech, Benham,
          Howard, Duncan, Larsen, Jost, Harkin, Nehrir, Mooney,
          Weaver, McClure for Amend, Locke, Lansverk, Levy, Bogar,
          Bond, Jelinski, McKinsey, Lynch, Monahan for Fisher,
          Butterfield, Scott, Griffith.

ABSENT:   Ag Econ, Hatfield, O'Neill, Burgess, Anderson, Francis,
          Prawdzienski, Carlstrom.

The meeting was called to order by Chair-Elect Ron Larsen at 4:10 PM.
It was determined a quorum was present.

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report - George
     - Nominations for Faculty Council positions and faculty
     nominations for university-wide committees were announced and are
     listed below.  Further nominations may be made by contacting the
     Nominating Committee or at next week's Faculty Council meeting,
     before the vote takes place.
          - Chair, Faculty Council - Ron Larsen (current Chair-Elect)
          - Chair-Elect, Faculty Council - John Sherwood
          - UGC Steering Committee (3 positions) - Jack Jelinski, Alan
          Leech, Wes Lynch, Mike Peed
          - Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee - Jodee Kawasaki
          - Long Range Planning Committee (2 positions) - Ken
          Bruwelheide, Jon Wraith
          - Strategic Planning and Budget Committee (1 position) - Kay
          Chafey, Rich Howard, Gwen Jacobs, Ed Mooney
          - Chair, Committee on Grievance Hearings - Martin Frick
          - Conciliation Committee Chair (automatic in 3rd year of
          membership) - Alanna Brown
          - Conciliation Pool (2 positions) - Janis Bullock, Brad Coon
          - Core Curriculum Committee (1 position) - Greg Francis
          - Undergraduate Studies Committee (1 position) - Harry
          - Salary Review Committee (1 position) - Susan Capalbo
          - Intellectual Property Committee (2 positions) - Marty
          Hamilton, Rocky Ross
          - Equipment Fee Allocation Committee (2 positions) - Jack
          Hyppa, Chris Yakymyshyn)
          - Affirmative Action Advisory Committee (1 position) - Amy
          - University Facilities Planning Board (2 positions) -
          Lauren McKinsey
          - Traffic Appeals and Regulations Committee (1 position) -
          Amy Carver
          - University Marketing Committee (1 position) - Kim Scott

The minutes of the April 5, 2000, Faculty Council meeting were
approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Ron Larsen.
     - The President's Executive Council budget recommendations were
     distributed at SPBC on April 7.
          - According to SPBC member Peter Kommers, the contrast in
          faculty and contract professional positions was accurately
          reported in the BOZEMAN CHRONICLE.
          - A primate biologist has been hired by MSU.
          - The MSU and UM presidents discussed the idea of a
          half-time retirement option with the Commissioner of Higher
          Education.  There are many issues that would need to be
          settled, including changes to TRS policies, before such an
          option might be available.
               - According to Rich Howard, it would be helpful to
               discuss the issue with faculty in the Department of
               Education.  The department has tried a variation of
               this option, and some problems are associated with such
               an approach.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Jack Jelinksi.
     - The Provost approved a change in the sabbatical application
     form, which was submitted to him by the Faculty Affairs
          - Last year, sabbatical committee members reported review
          results to applicants.  Because of the time involved in
          doing so and in answering questions about the results, the
          reports will now be sent from the Provost's Office.  That is
          where questions about the results will be directed.
     - Faculty Affairs will discuss a change to the proposed
     conciliation policy, which is still to be reviewed by Faculty
     - The University Promotion and Tenure Committee has asked that
     there be a guideline for reviewing promotion and tenure at all
     levels for faculty who've been granted a number of years toward
     tenure when they are hired at MSU.  Should these years be
     reviewed according to MSU's standards, should only the years at
     MSU be reviewed, or should some other method be used?
     - Discussion of the  faculty review of administrators
     (administrative review) and how it might be improved is
     - The Faculty Affairs Committee, Faculty Council Chair and Chair
     Elect, will meet with Deans' Council May 2 to discuss post-tenure
     review.  There will be some kind of post-tenure review, according
     to Ron Larsen. Earlier this year, the academic deans brought up
     the issue, and there is interest in knowing what the general
     thoughts about the policy are.
          - Some concerns about the policy have been expressed to
          Jack, and there will be time to discuss them before any vote
          is taken on the policy.  The policy will not come to a vote
          until next fall.  However, Faculty Affairs would appreciate
          input this year so changes can be considered.

Budget discussion.
     - Ron briefly outlined the PEC budget recommendations, attached
     to Faculty Council members' agendas, and there was discussion of
     some of the recommendations.
          - The additional fee charged on designated accounts approved
          two years ago for an academic enhancement fund has been used
          to fund base programs.  Therefore, a recommendation
          regarding an academic enhancement fund is made.  An
          additional 1% charge is to be used for Banner.
          - It is intended that program review include base programs.
          - There has been no discussion of any special protection for
          people within three years of retirement, if there are no
          salary increases.
          - In reallocating faculty tenure-track position vacancies
          according to clearly stated criteria, it is Ron's
          understanding that postponement and other changes in
          allocating these positions are included by default.
          - Elements that indicate fiscal responsibility and control
          of the budget by the administration is encouraging.
     - SPBC recommendation.
          - Peter Kommers distributed recommendations to SPBC for the
          2001 budget.  The recommendations will probably be presented
          as a motion at the April 21 SPBC meeting.  Another motion
          that may be presented at the meeting recommends 3%
          across-the-board cuts for all VPs and a reduction in
          instructional funding from 57% of the state funding to 54%
          over a period of time.  The two motions represent different
          - What does "protected" mean?  No cuts, no across-the-board
          cuts, small cuts if essential, across-the-board cuts if
          "board" is divided into two categories, or across-the-board
          cuts are acceptable?
          - Does "instruction" mean 'academic areas'?  All instruction
          doesn't fund academics.
          - Peter said that SPBC recommendations are to deal with the
          broad view.

Progress of Lewis Hall Renovation - Vice President for Research Tom
     - The renovation is part of an on-going process, started 1 ?
     years ago.  Other buildings are also part of the renovation.
     Some people in LJH moved to the new Ag/Bioscience Building.
     Deans of Ag and L&S were to decide how space is assigned, and it
     then was to be allocated to department heads.
     - Last week, in L&S it was decided who will go where as a result
     of the remodeling.
     - In 1996 hire letters for Center for Computational Biology (CCB)
     faculty, certain amounts of space were agreed upon.  It was to be
     provided in the EPICenter, but that has not become a reality, and
     there is not enough room in the new down-scaled project to
     accommodate all people the space promised them.
     - AJM and Lewis Hall were considered for renovation.  Lewis was
     chosen, because the formaldehyde is the basement had to be taken
     care of by finding new space for the anatomy lab.  The anatomy
     lab was moved to Linfield.  This made room for CCB in the
     basement of Lewis.  In addition, the WWAMI program has been
     consolidated in LJH, vacating space in the Lewis Hall basement.
     Another advantage to Lewis for CCB is that it is in close
     proximity to the Animal Research Center.
     - An outside consultant will advise on security in the Animal
     Research Center, since a primate biologist has been hired by the

Hewlett Committee.
     - Because of the lack time, members of the Hewlett Committee will
     return to report on the new core.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary