May 3, 2000
Members Present: Hatfield, Sherwood, McDermott, Kommers, Peed, Neff,
               Leech, Benham, Howard, Larsen, Harkin, Nehrir, Mooney,
               Kerans for Weaver, Amend, Locke, Lansverk, Levy, Bogar,
               Bond, Jelinski, McKinsey, Lynch, Prawdzienski,
               Butterfield, Scott, Griffith, Carlstrom.

Members Absent: Ag Econ/Econ, O'Neill, Burgess, Anderson, Duncan,
               Jost, Francis, Fisher.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by Chair John Amend.  It
was determined a quorum was present.  The minutes of the April 26,
2000, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - John Amend.
     - Chair Amend read an e-mail which he sent to President Roark
     after the decision was made to freeze salary raises and the
     spending on most new initiatives to balance the university

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - Henry Sorenson, Architecture is a nominee for a position on the
     University Facilities Planning Board.  His name was approved by
     Council to be forwarded to the President.
     - The faculty work load task force will be constituted from
     faculty, deans and department heads.  The task force will collect
     information during the summer.
          - Nominees presented by Nominating Committee are John Amend,
          Dean Drenk, and Bill Locke.  Ed Mooney was nominated from
          the floor.  Kim Scott moved recommending the entire slate of
          names be forwarded to the President.  The motion was
          seconded and carried.

Faculty Affairs Committee report  - None.

Budget discussion.
     - Chair Amend prefaced remarks by saying an issue is how to get
     adequate funding for the university system from the legislature.
     MSU is consistently underfunded for the breadth of its mission,
     so difficult choices must be made.
     - Bill Locke followed up on his draft motion of several months
     ago to dissolve Council.  He stated he does not see that faculty
     concerns are being taken seriously.  A lot of energy is being
     expended as faculty express their opinions and concerns, but the
     input from faculty doesn't seem to go anywhere.  Is there a
     better way to have faculty input?
     - It was suggested a formal outside audit be done to find out
     what is causing the shortfall in funding at MSU.
     - After extended discussion concerning the kind of response
     Faculty Council would hope to get from a vote of no confidence in
     MSU's upper administration or from some other resolution and of
     the current budget situation at MSU, Duane Griffith moved a vote
     of no confidence in administration at the level directly below
     the MSU president.  The motion was seconded.  After discussion,
     the motion was voted on and did not carry.
     - Jack Jelinski moved 1) Faculty Council vote to censure the
     fiscal management of Montana State University and endorse the
     Faculty Council plan (distributed earlier in the meeting) for
     addressing future budget and planning issues, and 2) the Faculty
     Council Chair be made a part of the President's Executive
     Council.  The motion was seconded and carried.
     - After discussion of the effects of a salary freeze on all
     employees, but especially on those within a year of retirement,
     Ed Mooney moved protecting soon-to-be-retired faculty from the
     salary freeze, if it is legal to do so.  The motion was seconded
     and carried.
     - Duane Griffith moved requesting that strategic planning for the
     university be put on a fast track.  The motion was seconded and
     - It was recommended that when the motions are forwarded to the
     President, the accompanying memo express that faculty are very
     angry and feel they are victims of other people's mismanagement.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary