January 24, 2001
PRESENT:  Morrill, Sherwood, Kommers, Linker, Leech, Benham, Larsen,
          Jost, Harkin, Nehrir, Mooney, McClure, Locke, Lansverk,
          Levy, Bond, Jelinski, McKinsey, Lynch, Prawdzienski,
          Butterfield, Scott, Griffith, Carlstrom.

ABSENT:   Young, Hatfield, McDermott, White, Anderson, Peed, Howard,
          Stewart, Lefcort, Weaver, Bogar, Francis, Fisher.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by Chair Ron Larsen.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the December 6, 2000, meeting were
approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Ron Larsen.
     - The Board of Regents met in Helena January 18-19.  So far, the
     regents have done a good job of advocating for the university
     system in the legislative session.
          - Topics of discussion during the Regents' meeting included:
               - The proposed policy regarding ownership of electronic
               course materials was clarified.  The policy applies
               only to courses, not to materials faculty put on the
               web to support existing on-campus courses.  At the
               request of Faculty Council leadership, the proposal
               will not be voted on until the March meeting.
               - Ron Sunsted presented the BOR request for legislative
               funding of the university system, as well as Racicot's
               proposal and Martz's proposal.  With predicted
               increases in energy costs, the pay plan and inflation,
               the Governors' proposals fall far short of needs.
               - The meeting between regents and faculty leaders
               focused on graduate education.  MSU faculty member Lee
               Spangler gave a short presentation on Op Tech and its
               integration of MSU graduate students into the
               technology economy.  The presentation was well-received
               by the regents.
                    - Problems created by residency requirements for
                    graduate students were discussed, and beneficial
                    changes to the current policy may be considered.
                    - John Amend is drafting a memo to the regents
                    outlining issues to be considered regarding the
                    graduate program.  He will bring it to Faculty
                    Council for comment.
     - President Gamble is on record with the Commissioner of Higher
     Education and the regents stating that he won't try to maintain
     parity with UM.
     - The review of administrators has been discussed with President
     Gamble.  He would like to have it done, keeping in line with his
     philosophy of the importance of assessment to improvement.
          - It is suggested results of the review be reported by
          groups: department heads and directors; assistant and
          associate deans and deans; and administrators above this
          level.  The three groups will provide anonymity while giving
          an indication of the effectiveness of administrators by
          level.  There was consensus by Faculty Council that this
          approach is acceptable.
          - Because of personnel issues, the statements provided by
          administrators to be published on the web will be called
          "Statements of Accomplishments, Responsibilities and Goals"
          or something similar.
     - Ron and John Sherwood, Chair Elect, met with President Gamble
     today.  Items discussed include:
          - Faculty are encouraged to use WebCT.  Who owns electronic
          materials when they are created using webCT?
          - Records of IDC expenditures, recharges, and internal
          allocation of funds are expected to be more available to
          - The President will attend Faculty Council the first
          Wednesday afternoon he's in town.
          - There will be some kind of occasion at MSU marking the
          transition to a new president, probably at next fall's state
          of the university message.
          - If possible, there will be one or two PEC/UGC Steering
          Committee retreats this spring.  The president would present
          his vision and priorities, and then particular issues would
          be addressed.
          - The President was asked how two new positions in
          Chemistry/Biochemistry fit into the policy regarding
          reversion of faculty lines.  The issue will be discussed
          - It appears Faculty Handbook Section 200 has been approved.
          Faculty Council is awaiting written notification.
          - The President has met with both the Long Range Planning
          Committee and the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee.
          He is also considering what the mission for a multi-campus
          MSU will look like.
          - The reviews of administrators will be sent to
          administrators reviewed and to administrators above the
          individual, through the President.

Nominating Committee report.
     - Five faculty have been nominated for one position on the Long
     Range Planning Committee: Bill Brown (Bus), Janis Bruwelheide
     (Educ), Duane Griffith (Ag Econ/Econ and Extension), Rocky Ross
     (CS), and Lori Ryker (Arch).  By written ballot, Bill Brown was

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee report - Peter Kommers.
     - The committee met today.  The charge has been to develop
     principles for planning, to be implemented no earlier than 2002.
     The committee was not charged to deal with the FY01 budget.
     - Assistant VP for Administration and Finance Craig Roloff
     reported that the FY 2002 budget deficit could easily be $5.5
     million, even with a modest tuition increase.  The deficit is due
     to increased utility costs, raises, inflation, and other factors.
     - What, then, should be the response of SPBC?  Deficits of this
     magnitude will shape the institution.  Some committee members
     feel there should be an "emergency plan" of priorities as a step
     toward a more deliberate plan.  This plan would deal with pending
     - President Gamble's planning principles have been identified
     from his interview as candidate for President and from interviews
     with the press.  Two of them are 1) linking the budget to a
     strategic plan and priorities, and 2) living within the means of
     the institution.
     - During discussion by Faculty Council members, it was pointed
     out that Council recommended early in Fall Semester that deans
     develop contingency plans for best and worst budget scenarios.
     It does not appear this has happened.
     - Retention of students would ease the budget shortfall.  A
     substantial percentage of students leaving MSU have a GPA of 2.8
     or higher.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary                             Ron Larsen, Chair