April 18, 2001
PRESENT:  Young, Sherwood, McDermott, Kommers, Linker, Howard,
          Stewart, Larsen, Nehrir, Mooney, Amend for McClure, Locke,
          Lansverk, Levy, Bogar, Bond, Jelinski, Francis, Lynch,
          Fisher, Prawdzienski, Griffith.

ABSENT:   Hatfield, Morrill, White, Anderson, Peed, Leech, Benham,
          Jost, Harkin, Lefcort, Weaver, McKinsey, Butterfield, Scott,

The meeting was called to order by Chair Ron Larsen.  A quorum was
present.  The minutes of the April 4, 2001, meeting were approved as

Chair's report - Ron Larsen.
     - "Report of Vacant Tenure-Track Faculty and Professional Lines
     by College for FY01" was distributed (attached for members
          - Four lines have not been filled.  What is the status of
          these?  It was suggested an updated report be requested.
          - Soft money positions that have been funded by EPSCoR will
          become line positions in 2-3 years, when the EPSCoR grants
          end.  It is anticipated the lines will be covered by
          retirements or resignations.
          - The report will have to be updated each year to track the
          - Ron and Chair Elect Sherwood will suggest to the President
          that when administrative positions open, consideration be
          given to evaluating the need for the position before a
          search begins.
     - UPBAC met April 17.
          - All state and tuition money in all budgets is on the
          - It appears there will be a significant shortfall in
          funding for FY01.
          - During discussion by Faculty Council, it was recommended
          funding for salary increases be assigned early in the
          budgeting process.
          - It is anticipated that at the next UPBAC meeting, a budget
          amendment recommending a multi-year faculty pay improvement
          plan to move MSU toward parity with other doctoral II
          institutions will be presented.
          - An article in today's Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports
          that, for full professor salaries, MSU and UM are in the
          bottom 10 of 202 higher education institutions.
          - The UPBAC web site may be accessed through the MSU home
          page (lower left conrner).  Minutes and agendas of UPBAC
          meetings and other data is found at the web site.
     - President Gamble's dossier is before the University Promotion
     and Tenure Committee for consideration.
          - Concern has been expressed that a conflict of interest may
          exist because candidates for Provost (current Interim
          Provost and Vice Provost) review the dossier.  To alleviate
          any problem that might arise, the decision regarding the
          President's tenure will be made by the Commissioner of
          Higher Education.
          - The dossier has been reviewed by faculty in Sociology and
     - There are currently three finalists for the Provost position.
     One finalist dropped out of the search.  Faculty are encouraged
     to attend the forums during the interviews, because input from
     the university at large is important.
          - UGC Steering Committee will consider drafting questions to
          be asked by Faculty Council representatives during the
          faculty forums.
Faculty Affairs Committee report.
     - Some issues raised by Faculty Affairs will be discussed by UGC
     Steering Committee tomorrow and will come to Faculty Council next
     - A resolution regarding library fines for faculty may be

Proposed Amendments to the Faculty Council Bylaws.
     - Proposed amendments to the Faculty Council Bylaws were
     presented March 21.
     - Jack Jelinski moved the amendments be approved.  The motion was
     seconded and carried with no objections voiced.

Proposed Faculty Handbook Section 480 (Faculty Workload).
     - The proposal may be viewed at the Faculty Council web site,
     - The intent of the workload policy task force, appointed by
     President Roark, was to develop a workload policy.  There was no
     discussion of including it in the Faculty Handbook at that time.
     - After brief discussion, Wes Lynch moved approval of recommended
     changes in the definitions of Research and Creative Work and
     Outreach and Service.  The motion was seconded and carried.
     - Craig Stewart moved "... student teachers" be added to
     "supervision of..." in the definition of Teaching.  The motion
     was seconded and carried.
     - Concern was expressed that the definitions may be redundant and
     may not agree with promotion and tenure policies in the Faculty
     - After discussion, Bill Locke moved the proposal be tabled until
     the Faculty Affairs Committee has had a chance to discuss it,
     hopefully before the end of the academic year.  The motion was
     seconded and carried.  Faculty Affairs Committee is to determine
     if this policy is consistent with promotion and tenure policies
     in the Faculty Handbook.

     - Nominees for Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee are still
     being solicited.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary         Ron Larsen, Chair