May 2, 2001
PRESENT:  Young, Sherwood, McDermott, Kommers, Linker, Leech, Benham,
          Howard, Stewart, Larsen, Harkin, Mooney, Lansverk, Levy,
          Bogar, Bond, Jelinski, Lynch, Fisher, Prawdzienski,
          Butterfield, Scott, Griffith.

ABSENT:   Hatfield, Morrill, White, Anderson, Peed, Jost, Nehrir,
          Lefcort, Weaver, McClure, Locke, Francis, McKinsey,

The regularly scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Ron
Larsen at 4:10 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the April
27, 2001, meeting were approved as distributed.

Report from UPBAC - John Sherwood.
     - During yesterday's meeting, proposed additions to the FY 2002
     budget were made.
          - The committee began with over $13 million in new
          proposals.  Optimistically, probably no more than $1 million
          can be funded.
          -Most of the additions tentatively approved are related to
          commitments made in earlier years that have not previously
          been added to the base.
          - One of the priorities from the Provost's Office in to add
          .5% for faculty raises this year ($128,000), in order to
          gain ground lost compared to peers.  MSU faculty salaries
          slipped markedly in the last year.

Chair's report - Ron Larsen.
     - Faculty Executive Committee will meet Thursday, May 10, at Noon
     in SUB Ballroom C to consider making a recommendation regarding
     the Provost candidates.  Faculty Council members are all invited
     to attend.

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - The following faculty have been elected to a three-year term on
     Faculty Council, beginning September, 200l.
          - Ag Econ/Econ - Doug Young, Member (2nd term)
          - LRES -       Rick Engle, Member (1st term)
                         Tim McDermott, Alternate
           - Music -      Alan Leech, Member (2nd term)
                         Laurel Yost, Alternate
          - Education _   Rich Howard, Member (2nd term)
                         Joanne Erickson, Alternate
          - Chem Engr _   Ron Larsen, Member (2nd term)
                         Max Deibert, Alternate
          - Comp Sci -    Rocky Ross, Member (1st term)
                         Gary Harkin, Alternate
          - Ecology -     Tad Weaver, Member (2nd term)
                         Tom McMahon, Alternate
          - English -     Marvin Lansverk, Member (2nd term)
                         Paul Trout, Alternate
          -  Hist/Phil -  Sanford Levy, Member (2nd term)
                         Prasanta Bandyopadhyay, Alternate
          -  Physics -    Yves Idzerda, Member (1st term)
          - On_Campus NSG - Patricia Lynes_Hayes, Member (1st term)
          -  Library -    Ken Kempke, Member (1st term)
                         Brian Rossman, Alternate
     - A ballot for Faculty Council officers, standing committee
     chairs and members, and members of university-wide committees was
     distributed.  Further nominations were invited.  Marvin Lansverk
     was nominated as Faculty Council Liaison to the New Core
     (Hewlett) Task Force.  Jack Jelinski withdrew his name as nominee
     for that position.
     - The results of the vote by written ballot were:
          - Chair, Faculty Council (1-year term) - John Sherwood
          (Current Chair Elect)
          - Chair Elect, Faculty Council (1-year term) - Rich Howard
          - UGC Steering Committee (1-year term) - Pat Butterfield,
          Jack Jelinski, Wes Lynch
          - Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee (1-year term) - Ron
          - Long Range Planning Committee (3-year term) - Bill Brown
          - University Facilities Planning Board (3-year term,
          nominations submitted to President) - Mary Miles, Dick Pohl
          - University Benefits Committee (3-year term) - Doug Young
          - Chair, UGC Nominating Committee (2-year term) - Vicky York
          - Members, UGC Nominating Committee (3-year term) - Clayton
          Marlow, George Tuthill
          - Chair, Committee on Grievance Hearings (1-year term) - no
          - Chair, Conciliation Committee (automatic in 3rd year of
          membership) - Bob Brown, Civil Engr
          - Conciliation Committee (3-year term) - Alanna Brown
          - Conciliation Pool (3-year term) - Rozan Pitcher,
          Aleksandra Vinogradov
          - Personnel Board (2-year term, nominations submitted to
          President) - Nancy Dodd
          - Intellectual Property Committee (3-year term) - Maurice
          - Equipment Fee Allocation Committee (1-year term) - Jack
          Hyyppa, Chris Yakymyshyn
          - Traffic Appeals and Regulations Committee (3-year term,
          nominations submitted to President) - Ken Bruwelheide
          - Enrollment Management Committee (1-year term) - Bruce
          - Council Liaison to Core Curriculum Committee (1-year term)
          - Sandy Levy
          - Council Liaison to Undergrad Studies Committee (1-year
          term) - no nominees
          - Council Liaison to New Core (Hewlett) Task Force - Marvin

Addition to Faculty Handbook - Section 480 (Faculty Responsibilities:
"Workload Policy").
     - Jack Jelinski moved approval of the 5/2/01 draft of the policy.
     The motion was seconded.
     - During discussion, the following amendments were agreed upon:
          - 480.30 Definitions, last sentence of first paragraph:
          "...supervision of teaching assistants, student teachers,
          and professional interns. and, for library faculty, any
          tasks that contribute to the overall academic enterprise."
          - From the last paragraph of definitions for teaching,
          service, and outreach, delete the word "colleagues" from the
          list "peers, colleagues, and students".
     - As there was no further discussion, the proposed addition to
     the Handbook was voted on and approved.  It will be forwarded to
     the administration for consideration.

Proposal to create a university retention review committee (URRC).
     - To expedite the review of retention, tenure, and promotion at
     the university level, it is proposed the P&T reviews (by UPTC) be
     separated from the retention reviews (by URRC).  This would allow
     retention and tenure reviews to be conducted concurrently.  The
     URRC would exist for one year, 2001-02, as a trial, to be
     continued for one additional years by majority vote of Faculty
     Council, before making any decision to include the committee in
     the Faculty Handbook.
     - After discussion, it was agreed Faculty Council members would
     like to see the university P&T process expedited but would like
     to have the issue discussed with President Gamble before making
     any decision about an alternative university retention review

     - In response to a question about membership on SPBC, the current
     membership and method for electing members was outlined.  Some
     changes in the committee's role and membership will likely be
     made in response to the new planning model.
     - Chair Larsen thanked members of Council for the time and energy
     spent on Council issues this academic year.  There will be one
     more meeting of the current Council membership, the first week of
     classes in September.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00

Joann Amend, Secretary                  Ron Larsen, Chair