September 26, 2001
PRESENT:  Young, Morrill, Sherwood, Engel, Yost for Leech,
          Howard/Erickson, Stewart, Larsen, Jones, Harkin for Ross,
          Nehrir, Lansverk, Levy/Bandyopadhyay, Bogar, Jelinski,
          Idzerda, McKinsey for Pratt, Lynch, Fisher, Lynes-Hayes,
          Butterfield, Kempcke, Dean Lea Acord.

ABSENT:   Hatfield, White, Anderson, Kommers, Peed, Linker, Benham,
          Mooney, Lefcort, Weaver, McClure, Locke, Henson, Griffith,

The regularly scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair John
Sherwood at 4:10 PM.  The minutes of the September 19, 2001, Faculty
Council meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - John Sherwood.
     - Faculty, professionals and classified employees met with Regent
     John Mercer September 21.  Because of the varied interests of the
     group, there was little time to discuss faculty issues with
     Regent Mercer.
          - The Board of Regents meets in Bozeman November 15-16.
          John will try to arrange a Friday afternoon meeting between
          regents and faculty.
          - Regent Mercer spent some time explaining the legislative
          budgeting process.
     - At its weekly meeting, UGC Steering Committee discussed the
          - A faculty ombudsman would be of help to faculty when
          complaints with no obvious resolution through existing
          channels is available.  The possibility of using an
          ombudsman will be discussed with the President and Provost.
          The ombudsman is not the "Rumor Meister" mentioned last
          year, although one individual might be able to serve in both
          - The new University Facilities Planning Committee has no
          faculty representation.  Also, procedures to be used in
          making decisions concerning space allocation within
          colleges, departments, and other units need to be developed.
          The concerns will be discussed with the President and
     - Craig Roloff has been named Acting Vice President for
     Administration and Finance.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Ron Larsen.
     - The committee has completed reconciling definitions of
     teaching, research, and service in Promotion and Tenure sections
     of the Faculty Handbook.  The information will be forwarded to
     Steering Committee and to Faculty Council.
     - Two issues are being considered for further discussion by
     Faculty Affairs.
          - Should Faculty Affairs work with the Provost's Office to
          determine demographics of faculty at MSU and how this will
          affect the anticipated number of retirements?  VP McCoy
          mentioned that in the past, the College of Agriculture has
          kept information regarding years of service and retirement
          system for college faculty.

          - How can the Promotion and Tenure process be completed more

Indirect Costs - Discussion with Vice President for Research, Creative
Activity and Technology Transfer Tom McCoy.
     - The following information was distributed (and is attached for
     members absent).
          - Some General Comments Regarding Indirect Cost Recovery
          (Finance and Administration)
          - Research and Other Sponsored Programs at MSU-Bozeman
          - FY01 Investments from Recovered Finance and Administration
          - Buy-out for Enhancing Scholarship and Teaching (The BEST
     - Although a bill enacted by the 1989 legislature states that
     research grant indirect costs "must be expended for the
     enhancement of existing research programs, assistance to and
     encouragement of new research programs, and the general support
     of research", the growth in research continues to benefit MSU
     - Recovered IDC's from principal investigator initiated
     competitive grants are distributed to the Vice President for
     Research, dean of the college involved, principal investigator's
     department, and the principal investigator.  The IDC's are used
     as provided by state law.  They are spent for new faculty
     start-up packages, equipment, research infrastructure, matching
     funds, undergraduate research support, graduate students,
     journals, college and department grants administrative support,
     and other related needs.
     - A substantial amount of MSU's G&C activity is in the area of
     education (science education, science teacher preparation,
     curriculum innovation).  Elisabeth Swanson and her colleagues
     have just received an NSF Center for Learning and Teaching award
     for $10 million.
     - Results of a survey sent to national management research
     administrators indicate that MSU's IDC distribution is very
     - During each of the past two years, research and other sponsored
     programs at MSU-Bozeman have brought about $61 million to the
     - Vice President McCoy is willing to discuss any questions
     individuals have about research activity or IDC's at MSU.
     - Provost Dave Dooley will discuss the BEST Program with Faculty
     Council on October 3rd, as part of the explanation of faculty
     professional development opportunities at MSU.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              John Sherwood, Chair