January 23, 2002
PRESENT:  Young, Morrill, Sherwood, Engel, White, Kommers, Linker,
          Leech, Benham, Howard, Stewart, Lewandowski, Ross, Nehrir,
          McCLure/Amend, Locke, Lansverk, Bandyopadhyay for Levy,
          Bogar, Jelinski, Idzerda, McKinsey for Pratt, Lynch,
          Lynes-Hayes, Kempcke.

ABSENT:   Hatfield, Anderson, Peed, Larsen, Mooney, Lefcort, Weaver,
          Henson, Fisher, Butterfield, Griffith, Carlstrom.

The regularly- scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair John
Sherwood at 4:10 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the
January 16, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - John Sherwood.
     - The Board of Regents met January 17-18.
          - During the faculty meeting with regents, Chair Sherwood
          suggested there be exploration of ways non-resident GTAs and
          GRAs can be given tuition breaks, helping the graduate
          program.  The regents seemed enthusiastic during the
          discussion and offered that it may be possible to provide
          extra fee waivers for non-resident graduate students so they
          would pay in-state tuition.
          - The information technology policies, which are on today's
          agenda, were discussed and approved for the action agenda at
          the March meeting.
     - Chair Sherwood has talked with Acting Vice President for
     Administration and Finance Roloff about the plan to pay AY
     faculty over a 10-month period.
          - Faculty Council representatives should make constituents
          aware that the default is 10 pay periods, and if a faculty
          member wants to be paid in nine pay checks (on October 11
          through June 11) they must notify their departmental
          personnel who work with appointments.  Once a faculty member
          has chosen to be paid in nine pay checks during the academic
          year, a change cannot be made.
          - The administration will meet with all department heads and
          will hopefully discuss the changes to the new pay schedule
          for AY faculty.
          - During brief discussion by Faculty Council, the point was
          made that the letter from VP Roloff to faculty does not
          mention the nine pay check option.  Will there be another
          letter providing this information and outlining the process
          for receiving nine pay checks?  Chair Sherwood will bring it
          up with the administration.
     - The Chair's perception of last week's Faculty Council
     discussion of allowing students to drop a course during the first
     10 class days of a semester without the instructor or advisor's
     signature is that there are some concerns about the
     implementation but no serious objections.  He recommends Vice
     Provost Fedock take the discussed concerns into consideration
     when the policy is implemented and consider the policy to be
     probationary.  If the new policy causes problems to a department
     or college that can't be addressed, Faculty Council leadership
     should be informed so the policy can be reconsidered.
     - Two additions to the Faculty Handbook have been approved by
     President Gamble.
          - Section 812.04 A (Opportunity to Respond to a Negative
          Review) adds a statement that "In the case of a tie vote,
          the candidate has the right to respond."
          - Section 480 (Faculty Responsibilities: 'Workload Policy')
          has been added..
          - Both sections become part of the Faculty Handbook on July
          1, 2002.  They may be viewed at the Faculty Council web site

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - The Committee will soon make an announcement about accepting
     nominations for various university-wide committees.
     - There is an open position for one faculty member on the Salary
     Review Committee.  Nominations for the committee may be forwarded
     to Vicky York, Nominating Committee Chair, or John Sherwood.  The
     election will take place at next week's Faculty Council meeting.
     - Membership of the Strategic Planning Committee was announced
     today.  Faculty members on the committee are Bill Brown, John
     Carlsten, Kay Chafey, and Jon Wraith.  Individuals nominated are
     thanked for being willing to put their names forward.  A capable
     and varied group of nominees was provided to the Provost.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Marvin Lansverk.
     - The committee is still receiving information from other
     universities about the process of using an ombudsman.  The
     reponses are encouraging to MSU's proceeding with the proposal.
     - A survey will be distributed to determine possible needs and
     uses for an ombudsman process.

MSU Benefits Committee report - Doug Young.
     - A table displaying the results of a survey of key faculty
     benefits at MSU and its peer institutions was distributed and
     discussed.  (The survey has been e-mailed to all Faculty Council
     - A conclusion made from the survey is that MSU's health benefits
     are marginal and MSU's retirement benefits are below the average
     of even MSU's peers.
     - It was suggested that there be discussion at Faculty Council at
     a later date regarding communicating this information to MSU's
     administration and to the legislature.

Information Technology Policies - Mark Sheehan.
     - The draft policies are found on the web at  By the middle of next week,
     they will be updated with information from the Board of Regents
     meeting, and comments regarding the policies can be made at the
     web site.
     - Some background information was shared.
          - The Montana information technology system division (ITSD)
          developed strict policies about the way computers are used
          in state offices.  In addition, during the last legislative
          session, SB 131 gave more control over conduct of computer
          usage in state government and universities.  An information
          technology policy was written for state employees, but it is
          better suited to employees who do not work at universities
          and it does not cover issues of students, faculty, and
          research professionals.
          - Ray Ford, (UM) and Mark Sheehan drafted the proposed
          policies, which were sent to the regents for their November
          meeting as information.  However, they were discussed there
          and brought to the January regents meeting as a submission
          - Until mid- February, comments will be accepted on the
          policy.  At that time, comments will be incorporated into
          the proposed policy and it will be distributed as an action
          item for the March Board of Regents meeting.
          - There are significant differences between the current
          acceptable use policy (published by internet providers,
          federal laws, Faculty Handbook sections) and the proposed
          - It was suggested policies that apply to telephone usage at
          MSU apply to computer usage.  It was noted that as the
          telephone policy is written, personal telephone calls,
          except for specific purposes, are out of compliance with the
          - The policy does not give recognition that faculty's work
          continues when they leave the university.
          - Concern was expressed that violation of the policy and its
          consequences are not specifically addressed.
          - References to student computing will be deleted from the
          proposed policy, and a separate student policy will be

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary          John Sherwood, Chair