February 6, 2002
PRESENT:  Sherwood, McDermott for Engel, Kommers, Peed, Linker, Leech,
          Benham, Stewart, Lewandowski for Jones, Ross, Weaver, Locke,
          Lansverk, Henson, Jelinski, Idzerda, McKinsey for Pratt,
          Lynch, Fisher, Lynes-Hayes, Wojtowicz for Kempcke, Griffith.

ABSENT:   Young, Hatfield, Morrill, White, Anderson, Howard, Chem
          Engr, Nehrir, Mooney, Lefcort, McClure, Levy, Bogar,
          Butterfield, Carlstrom.

The meeting was called to order by Chair John Sherwood at 4:10 PM.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the January 30, 2002, meeting were
approved as distributed.

Chair's report - John Sherwood.
     - University Governance Council and President's Executive Council
     met Thursday.  Topics discussed include:
          - University budget and planning.  The President is
          optimistic about the planning and budget process.  There
          will need to be a method to assess progress of the Strategic
          Planning Committee and the University Planning, Budget and
          Analysis Committee.
          - Benefits (health, retirement, other).  The possibility of
          providing tuition scholarships or waivers for employees'
          dependents will continue to be discussed.  A goal is to
          increase the number of sabbaticals and to provide additional
          professional development opportunities for staff and for
          women.  Although it appears the turnover rate of faculty and
          other employees at MSU is lower than the national average,
          this is no reason for not trying to improve benefits.
          - A plan for athletics budgeting will be presented to UPBAC
          February 19.
     - During follow-up discussion by Faculty Council, it was
     suggested that Faculty Affairs may be an appropriate place to
     begin discussion of ways to improve retirement benefits.  Making
     a university-wide policy to give raises on promotion would help
     salary compression.  The proposal would be presented to and
     discussed by UPBAC.
     - Joyce Scott, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education, is
     convening a committee to discuss course and credit transfer
     issues across the university system.  The intent is to bring
     consistency and coherency to transferability of courses and
     credits.  Nominations for the committee should be submitted to
     Chair Sherwood by tomorrow (February 7).
     - Faculty involved in curricula or departments that have contact
     with student athletes on a regular basis are asked to meet for a
     short time (less than an hour) with the academic sub-committee
     for the  NCAA certification self study to discuss faculty/student
     athlete interaction.  Please contact John Sherwood.
     - An e-mail sent by Mark Sheehan, Executive Director and CIO, ITC
     requests input regarding the proposed university-system IT
     policy.  It was suggested a letter from Faculty Council or UGC
     Steering Committee express concern for the policy.  This would be
     in addition to letters that will be sent by individuals.
     - A committee is being established to consider faculty
     development opportunities on campus.  Co-chairs are John Sherwood
     and Dean of Education/Health/Human Development Greg Weisenstein.
     If faculty are interested in serving on the committee or know of
     someone who is, contact Chair Sherwood.
-     Sabbaticals will be announced February 11.  Ten were funded this

Faculty Affairs Committee issues.
     - As announced last week, Ron Larsen, Chair of the Faculty
     Affairs Committee, has been appointed Head of the Chemical
     Engineering Department and is no longer eligible to serve as
     Faculty Affairs Committee Chair.
     - Nominations for a Chair of Faculty Affairs to complete this
     year's term were solicited.  Marvin Lansverk was nominated.  As
     there were no further nominations, a motion was made, seconded,
     and carried that Marvin Lansverk be elected as Chair of the
     Faculty Affairs Committee for the remainder of this year.
     - The committee is continuing to work on a survey which will
     gather information about the need for an ombudsman and the kind
     of issues the individual might be asked to handle.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:55.

Joann Amend, Secretary     John Sherwood, Chair