February 27, 2002
PRESENT:  Young, Sherwood, McDermott for Engel, Peed, Kommers, Linker,
          Leech, Taylor for Benham, Howard, Jones, Ross, Nehrir,
          Mooney, Weaver, Amend for McClure, Locke, Lansverk,
          Bandyopadhyay for Levy, Bogar, Idzerda, McKinsey for Pratt,
          Lynch, Fisher, Prawdzienski for Lynes-Hayes, Kempcke,

ABSENT:   Hatfield, Morrill, White, Anderson, Stewart, Chem Engr,
          Lefcort, Henson, Jelinski, Butterfield, Carlstrom.

The meeting was called to order by Chair John Sherwood at 4:10 PM.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the February 20, 2002, meeting
were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - John Sherwood.
     - Meetings will be held tomorrow regarding the MUS health
     insurance plan.
          - The meetings are scheduled for Noon, 2:30, and 4:00 in SUB
          Ballroom D.
          - Because reserves have been lowered significantly during
          the past year, there will need to be cuts in costs,
          increases in premiums, and/or increases in deductibles.
          - The State of Montana will be contributing an additional
          $41/month per employee to the plan during the coming fiscal
     - University Committee issues:
          - Chris Yakymyshyn will not be able to serve on the
          Equipment Fee Allocation Committee this spring.  The
          Committee evaluates requests from departments and colleges
          and determines the allocation of about $600,000 in equipment
          fees.  Nominations for a replacement should be sent to Vicky
          York, Chair of the UGC Nominating Committee, or to Chair
          Sherwood.  Nominations will be considered at next week's
          Faculty Council meeting, and an individual will be selected
          for the position.
          - Sharon Eversman has been appointed by the Provost to the
          Salary Review Committee.
          - Nominations are being accepted for the Faculty Development
               - The charge for the committee is to recommend a plan
               for expanding professional development opportunities
               for all faculty at MSU.
               - Faculty Council Chair John Sherwood and Dean Greg
               Weisenstein will co-chair the committee.
               - In addition to three faculty members, there will be
               two department heads, an assistant dean, and a
               representative from the Provosts' Office on the
               committee.  Please send nominations for faculty
               positions to Chair Sherwood or Dean Weisenstein.  After
               these positions are filled, other committee positions
               will be filled, keeping in mind representation from the
               entire university.

Athletics Issues.
     - In response to the e-mail Chair Sherwood sent to Faculty
     Council representatives Monday, he received some comments, which
     he took to UPBAC's Tuesday meeting.
     - Many of the concerns centered around the building of additional
     sky boxes and the perception this creates.
     - From an economic viewpoint, in this particular case, it is
     probably better to use money to produce a revenue-generating
     activity rather than pay down some loans.
     - At UPBAC, Chair Sherwood proposed an amendment that money be in
     hand before construction of sky boxes begins.  The amendment was
     accepted.  He also recommended that there be extensive
     communication with the university and community regarding the
     reason for the construction, the source of money, and the
     anticipated pay-off.
     - The Athletics proposal requested $120,000/year from the
     university to pay for security, snow removal and insurance costs.
     It was approved, but it will be a yearly adjustment.
     - A budget surplus in Athletics is projected by 2006.  If this
     occurs, UPBAC will be involved in discussion of the use of this
     - This fiscal year, Athletics' budget was reduced by $170,000.
     This money will not be returned to the FY03 Athletics' budget.
     - According to Provost Dooley, UPBAC considers this proposal as
     one that will allow Athletics to succeed at balancing its budget.
     If this does not occur, Athletics will have to work out any
     shortfalls and not depend upon additional university sources of

     - A petition regarding equal rights as they pertain to the
     intentional house fire in Missoula is being circulated by e-mail.
     By a show of hands, members present indicated they are in favor
     of discussing a resolution addressing the incident.  UGC Steering
     Committee will discuss it, and it will be on next week's Faculty
     Council agenda.

Proposed reorganization of the Office of the Provost and Vice
President for Academic Affairs (attached for members absent) - David
     - As part of the proposal, the current Vice Provost would become
     a Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  A Vice Provost for
     Undergraduate Education would be added to allow added emphasis
     upon undergraduate education (especially the first two years),
     general education, and assessment of academic programs.
     - No additional money would be needed for the reorganization.
     Funds would come from reorganization of General Studies and from
     money allocated to the Mountain Resource Center, which no longer
     - This reorganization and an elevated role for undergraduate
     education are not incompatible with growth in graduate programs.
     - The proposed structure is similar to that of Provost's Offices
     in many universities.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              John Sherwood, Chair