September 4, 2002
PRESENT:  Young, Gipp, Sherwood, White, Kommers, Schlotzhauer, Linker,
          Leech, Taylor, Dodd, Howard, Stewart, Jones, Nehrir,
          McMahon, Amend, Levy, Bandyopadhyay, Bogar, Cherry, Bond,
          Idzerda, McKinsey, Lynch, Lynes-Hayes, Prawdzienski,
          Kempcke, Knight.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by 2001-02 Chair John
Sherwood.  The minutes of the May 1, 2002, Faculty Council meeting
were approved as distributed.  Members were introduced, and retiring
members were thanked for their contributions to Faculty Council during
the past year.

Chair's report - John Sherwood.
     - There are two committee vacancies to be filled.
          - A faculty member is needed for the Strategic Planning
          Committee, to fill a term which John Carlsten is unable to
          complete.  The term ends in August, 2004.
          - A faculty member is needed for the Space Management
          Committee to serve during Fall Semester, 2002, while Cyd
          McClure is on sabbatical.
          - An e-mail will be sent to Faculty Council members,
          soliciting nominations.
     - The Chair summarized some of the activities in which he was
     involved over the summer.
          - During the early-summer budget recision, the
          recommendation of UPBAC was to use reserve funds and a small
          tuition surcharge to make up the shortfall.  The
          recommendation was implemented.
          - During the second budget recision, MSU increased the
          tuition surcharge to the maximum allowed by the Board of
          Regents and used $250,000 from maintenance to balance the
          budget, with that to be replaced first by money received
          through higher student enrollments.
          - Raises for faculty and staff were left intact.
     - Accomplishments of the past academic year include:
          - Inclusion of a new faculty workload policy in the Faculty
          Handbook.  It may be viewed at
 Section 480.
          - A salary increase package of 4% was approved, In addition,
          money was budgeted to raise salary floors ($55,000), give
          raises on promotion ($2,000 from assistant to associate
          professor and $4,000 from associate professor to professor),
          and to address equity issues ($137,000).
          - A faculty development committee has been organized to
          discuss additional opportunities for faculty development on
          campus.  It is co-chaired by John Sherwood and Greg
          Weisenstein.  Any thoughts concerning faculty development
          opportunities may be sent to John or Greg.

Report from the Conciliation and Grievance Hearings Committees.
     - Elaine Peterson, 2001-02 Chair of the Grievance Hearings
     Committee, submitted a report that one case came to the grievance
     process this summer.  It is still to be resolved and is
     continuing into Fall Semester.
     - Nancy Dodd, member of the Conciliation Committee, reported that
     one case came to the committee late in the academic year.  The
     recommendation was made that the case be taken to the Grievance
     Hearings Committee.

Introduction of the Ombudsman.
     - Nancy Dodd, College of Business, was introduced as the
     Ombudsman.  Early this summer, a committee submitted nominations
     to the President and Provost, who interviewed the nominees before
     appointment of the Ombudsman.

Introduction of 2002-03 Faculty Council Chair and Chair Elect.
     - The 2002-03 Faculty Council Chair, Rich Howard, was introduced.
     Warren Jones is the Chair Elect for the coming year.

John Sherwood was thanked for his contribution to Faculty Council, as
the Chair, during the past year.

Issues to be considered during the coming year - Rich Howard.
     - Faculty Council will support the Ombudsman and the process,
     which is being funded as a pilot.  An office and support will be
     provided, and there will be publicity about the purpose of the
     Ombudsman and how to reach her.
     - Providing MSU scholarships for children of employees will
     continue to be on the agenda.
     - The NCAA visiting team will be at MSU October 13-16, as
     follow-up to the self study completed this summer.  The self
     study may be viewed at
     A hard copy may be checked out at the Faculty Council Office,
     Hamilton 3.  An effort will be made during the year to increase
     the interaction between Faculty Council and the Athletics
     - Faculty Council will continue to interface with UPBAC and the
     budgeting process.  The Chair and Chair Elect will represent the
     interests of faculty at these meetings.
     - University Governance Council Steering Committee members meet
     Thursday's at noon.  Contact members of the committee (from
     Faculty Council: Rich Howard, Warren Jones, John Sherwood, John
     Amend, Jack Jelinski, Doug Young, Faculty Affairs Committee Chair
     Walter Metz and UGC Nominating Committee Chair Vicky York) with
     concerns or comments.
     - The process for the biyearly evaluation of administrators will
     be studied to make the review as effective as possible.
     President Gamble will be asked for input.
     - The Chair will continue to communicate with faculty by sending
     e-mails via the Faculty Council representatives.
     - Past Chair Sherwood noted that it is important for the Chair
     and Chair Elect to have input from faculty and Faculty Council

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              Rich Howard, Chair