September 18, 2002
PRESENT:  Marlow for Gipp, Giroux, Kommers, Schmidt for Schlotzhauer,
          Linker, Leech, Taylor, Stewart, Jones, Nehrir, Conant,
          McMahon for Weaver, Amend, Ashley for Locke, Levy, Bogar,
          Bond, Jelinski, McKinsey for Pratt, Lynch, Fisher,
          Lynes-Hayes, Prawdzienski, Kempcke, Knight, Metz, Fedock.

ABSENT:   Young, Morrill, Engel, White, Anderson, Howard, Chem Engr,
          Comp Sci, Lefcort, English, Idzerda, Hoffman.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 by Chair Elect Warren Jones.
The minutes of the September 4, 2002, Faculty Council meeting were
approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Warren Jones.
     - Office space will be found for the Ombudsman, Nancy Dodd, so
     that she will be able to talk with individuals away from her
     regular office in the College of Business.
     - President Gamble will attend Faculty Council next week.  He
     will most likely discuss some of MSU's good news, mention the
     high points of the Board of Regents meeting, and share some areas
     in which he would like faculty input and support.

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - Three individuals have been nominated for a position on the
     Strategic Planning Committee.  They are:
          - Barry Jacobsen, Plant Sciences
          - Jerry Stephens, Civil Engineering
          - Michael Whelan, Civil Engineering
     - There were no further nominations from the floor.
     - Jack Jelinski moved the three nominations be forwarded to the
     Provost, who will make the appointment to the committee.  The
     motion was seconded and carried.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary