December 4, 2002
Members Present:  Young, Gipp, Morrill, Sherwood for Giroux, Kommers,
     Schlotzhauer, Linker, Leech, Howard, Jones, Yoo, Nehrir, Bradley,
     McMahon, Amend, Bandyopadhyay for Levy, Bond, Jelinksi, Idzerda,
     Pratt, Lynch, Fisher, Lynes-Hayes, Prawdzienski, Rossman for
     Kempcke, Knight.

Members Absent:  Engel, White, Anderson, Taylor, Stewart, Chem Engr,
     Conant, Locke, Engl,  Bogar, Hoffman.

Others Present: Metz, Fedock, Rimpau, Fastnow.

The regularly-scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Richard
Howard at 4:10 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the November
20, 2002, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's Report - Rich Howard.
     - The Chair and Chair Elect attended the Board of Regents (BOR)
     meeting in Missoula, November 20-22.  Items discussed of
     particular interest to faculty include:
          - A proposal that all additional compensation be approved by
          the BOR before it is paid.  Although Regent Mercer claimed
          the proposal was to cover administrative and professional
          staff only, the wording of the policy includes faculty, and
          discussion that took place used a $10 million figure (which
          includes additional compensation from faculty grants and
          summer courses, and other consulting activity) rather than
          the $450,000 figure for administrative and professional
          staff additional compensation.
          - A State Government Outreach proposal, which would involve
          faculty to a greater degree in identifying and addressing
          challenges facing other state agencies.  The proposal is
          scheduled for adoption at the January BOR meeting.  Faculty
          representatives made it clear during their meeting with the
          regents that the high cost in faculty time needs to be
          considered before such a policy is adopted.
          - A Montana University System Inreach proposal which
          develops an ombudsman process within the system.  It would
          operate through the BOR and be available for all MUS
          employees.  Chair Howard volunteered, with other faculty
          representatives, to assist in crafting a document addressing
          procedures.  They will look to the regent making the general
          proposal for leadership and guidance.
          - During the faculty representatives meeting with the
          regents, several issues were discussed.  They included
          distance education and evaluation of its effectiveness (a
          concern from MSU-Billings), the possibility of an
          across-the-board tuition reduction for MUS employees'
          dependents if there are no salary increases, the discussion
          taking place about including all two-year units of the MUS
          under an umbrella which would be run out of the Department
          of Commerce, and the outreach and inreach proposals.
     - One of the highlights of the meeting was a presentation by Doug
     Young, MSU professor of Ag Econ/Econ, discussing the economic
     outlook for Montana and Montana taxation issues.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Walter Metz.
     - Jack Jelinski moved amending Faculty Handbook Section 1312.00
     to include the following: "If notification by the Provost and
     Vice President for Academic Affairs is made less than thirty (30)
     days before the end of a faculty member's contract period, the
     faculty member's right to file a complaint will be extended to
     October 1 of the following contract period."
          - The motion was seconded and carried.  The proposed
          amendment and its rationale will be forwarded to the
     - John Sherwood moved amending Faculty Handbook Section 620.00 to
     include the following: "A candidate for tenure will be subject to
     the Department's Role, Scope, Criteria, Standards, and Procedures
     document in effect at the date of hire. In the event of a change
     in the Department's Role, Scope, Criteria, Standards, and
     Procedures document, the candidate for tenure will be given a
     choice of being evaluated using the document in effect at the
     date of hire or any approved departmental document up to and
     including the document in effect at the time the tenure dossier
     is submitted. In any event, the candidate will place the
     appropriate document at the front of the tenure dossier."
          - The motion was seconded and carried.  The proposed
          amendment and its rationale will be forwarded to the
     - The proposed amendments to Faculty Handbook Sections 618, 733,
     734, and 463 (Post Tenure Review) were discussed.  Because there
     are still some concerns about wording, Jack Jelinski moved
     continuing discussion at a later meeting of the Council, when
     more time is set aside for it.  The motion was seconded and

Discussion of KPIs, Delaware Study, and Instructional Program
Evaluation Matrix - Jim Rimpau.
     - Chris Fastnow, Office of Planning and Analysis, was introduced.
     - KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) have been gathered at MSU over
     a period of years.  For the purpose of budget planning, KPIs for
     the last ten years will be used, weighting those of the past four
     years most heavily.
     - The Delaware Study (http://www.udel/edu/IR/cost/brochure.html)
     provides information about 300 universities.  MSU will
     participate in the study this year.  The purpose for being part
     of the study is to provide context for MSU's data.
     - The Instructional Program Evaluation Matrix is still being
     finalized.  A small task force is discussing each category to
     determine how it will work within the total matrix.
     - Categories and the chair of each category task force are:
     Program Demand (Jerry Bancroft), State & National Need (Robert
     Marley), Uniqueness in State or Region (Sharron Quisenberry),
     Grant & Contract Activity (Tom McCoy), Contribution to Gen Ed
     Program (Joe Fedock), Scholarly Work (Jim McMillan), Outreach &
     Service (Greg Weisenstein), No-cost Growth Capacity (Jim Rimpau),
     Cost of Expansion (Craig Roloff), Overall Growth Priority (not
     under consideration at this time), Strength or Reputation (Bruce
     - Faculty may contact the above-listed individuals to give input.
     - According to Rimpau, it has not yet been determined how the
     information in the matrix will be used.  In early UPBAC
     discussions, the intent was to answer the question, "If MSU had
     money to invest, where would be the best place to invest it?"  If
     UPBAC continues discussion of the matrix, it probably will be
     used in the upcoming budget cycle.  UPBAC needs to go to the next
     step to know if developing a matrix is worthwhile.
     - Concern was expressed that departments will be evaluated on the
     basis of information regarding past, current, or future
     performance without having time to respond to the criteria.
     There are acknowledged difference in departments, and the
     criteria used will affect the conclusions made.  It was suggested
     that one approach might be to have units themselves weight
     - A forum to discuss UPBAC's priorities document (and the matrix)
     is scheduled for Thursday, December 12, 1 PM, in the SUB.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary         Richard Howard, Chair