February 5, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sherwood for Giroux, McDermott, Schlotzhauer, Linker,
Leech Taylor, Howard, Jones, Yoo, Nehrir, Conant, Amend, Locke,
Bandopadhyay for Levy, Bogar, Bond, Jelinski, Pratt, Lynes-Hayes,
Prawdzienski, Kempcke.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Young, Gipp, Morrill, White, Anderson, Kommers,
Stewart, Chem Engr, Lefcort, Weaver, Engl, Idzerda, Lynch, Fisher,
Knight, Hoffman.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Rich Howard at 4:10 PM.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the January 29, 2003, meeting were
approved as distributed.

Chair's report  - Rich Howard.
     - There was an AP article in today's Bozeman Daily Chronicle
     regarding statements made by Regent Mercer that the Board of
     Regents is not managing higher education appropriately.
     - There was also an article in today's Chronicle regarding a
     letter sent to Governor Martz by Montana Associated Students
     (MAS) President Dan Geelan.  Geelan wrote that MAS should have
     been consulted before naming Christian Hur to a third year on the
     Board of Regents.  He asked that Martz reconsider the decision
     and solicit involvement from the student leaders.  According to
     Geelan, students are to nominate three candidates for the student
     regent's seat, and this did not occur.
     - It was suggested ASMSU President Trevor Blyth be invited to
     Faculty Council to discuss issues of concern to students.
     - University Governance Council has invited Professor Doug Young
     to present information about Montana taxation issues at the
     February 12 meeting.  President Gamble suggested that the event
     be opened to the entire university community, as well as the
     Bozeman community.  The President has asked Rolf Groseth to make
     arrangements for the event.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - None.

Review of administrators - Discussion.
     - In the past, Faculty Council has conducted an administrative
     review, usually every two years.  How should the Council proceed
     this year?
     - It was suggested some measurable effect be demonstrated before
     proceeding with the review.
     - Many academic colleges now conduct reviews of department heads,
     and the President and Provost are conducting "360" reviews.  The
     "360s" will continue on about a five-year cycle.
     - There appeared to be agreement by Council members that
     co-ordination of administrative review should be discussed with
     the deans before proceeding.
     - Questions that provide worthwhile information need to be agreed
     upon, and the upper administration needs to buy into the
     usefulness of the review.
     - The administrators faculty will review through the Faculty
     Council instrument must be determined.  This list may differ from
     previous Council reviews.
     - It was suggested that the review might be done by position, not

Follow-up on last week's discussion with Dean of Graduate Studies
     - Dean McLeod will meet with Graduate Council to discuss a more
     formal relationship with Faculty Council, as discussed at the
     January 29 Faculty Council meeting.
     - He will then bring a proposal to Faculty Council.

New biosafety regulations  - Cliff Bond.
     - A brief history of biosafety regulation at MSU was presented.
     - In December, 2002, legislation made substantial changes to the
     responsibilities of individual investigators and of the entity
     for which they work  Substantial penalties for the violation of
     these regulations have been instituted.
     - The latest DHHS Interim Final Rule and the USDA Interim Final
     Rule cover not only the use of certain infectious agents of
     plants and animals and of biological toxins, but also the
     possession of these agents.
     - The result is that there will need to be very tight security in
     labs possessing or using the agents on campus.  Anyone with
     access to a room where the agents are present will need security
     clearance.  It appears that this includes researchers, department
     heads, custodians, Facilities Services staff, campus and Bozeman
     police and the Bozeman Fire Department, and any other individuals
     entering the space.
     - It is not yet known exactly how security clearance will be
     managed, but under current rules, the clearance is to be applied
     for by the principal investigator and the entity (MSU) by March
     - The security clearance process will be large issue for the
     university to address.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              Richard Howard, Chair