April 16, 2003
Members Present: Young, Gipp, Morrill, Sherwood for Giroux, McDermott,
Kommers, Schlotzhauer, Metz for Linker, Leech, Howard, Stewart,
Seymour, Jones, Yoo, Becker for Nehrir, Conant, Bradley, Weaver,
Amend/Cloninger, Levy, Jelinski, Pratt, Fisher, Lynes-Hayes,

Members Absent: White, Anderson, Taylor, Locke, Engl, Bogar, Bond,
Idzerda, Lynch, Kempcke, Knight, Hoffman.

Others Present: Dooley, Fedock, Carroll, Fields, Ehlert, Oakberg.

The regularly-scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Richard
Howard at 4:10.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the April 2,
2003, Faculty Council meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Richard Howard.
     - The University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee met
     yesterday.  One of the major topics for discussion was funding
     for Internet 2 over the next two years.  The decision was reached
     to fund it out of both the instructional and research budgets.
     - The survey of employees to gather information about the number
     of children who might come to MSU if scholarships were available
     is ready to send.  It will be distributed to all MSU-Bozeman
     employees through the listserv from the President's Office.

A mentoring program for student athletes - Craig Ehlert.
     - A mentoring task force has discussed ways to help student
     athletes manage the changes that come with college: classes,
     study time, athletic practices, personal issues.
     - The idea of a mentoring program was a result of the
     discussions.  A mentor would be an independent contact for a
     student and could serve as a sounding board, give advice, and
     provide a network of other individuals.
     - Mentors would have an awareness of and interest in MSU.
     Diversity in mentors is desirable.  Ideally, they would  include
     faculty and other employees from all areas of campus, as well as
     people from the surrounding area with ties to MSU.
     - Mentors would be willing to provide time and a supportive
     environment for the student athlete.
     - All athletic coaches have been contacted and are enthusiastic
     about the program.
     - The objective for Fall Semester is to provide mentors for all
     incoming freshman and transfer student athletes.  The second
     objective is to provide mentors for "at risk" student athletes,
     and eventually, to provide mentors for all student athletes.
     - Retention rates will be followed over the next years to
     determine if the mentoring program appears to increase retention.
     - Letters have been sent to 135 individuals, asking for their
     support of the program.  Over 30 have responded positively so
     - Anyone who is interested in the mentoring program may contact
     Craig Ehlert (312 Reid Hall, 994-4322,, Rich
     Howard, or Peter Fields for more information.  If you know of
     another individual who might be interested in participating as a
     mentor, please contact Craig.
     - It is anticipated there will be a call for mentors each year.
     It has not been determined how long a mentor would work with a
     particular student, but a likely scenario is that the mentor
     would stay in touch with a student, about once/week, in person or
     by phone during the first year.  Then, the contact may become
     less frequent as the student makes other contacts and becomes
     more comfortable in the campus environment.
     - It is anticipated all mentors would meet for about two hours
     during the summer for a barbecue and to become acquainted with
     NCAA regulations.  During the first year, mentors would then meet
     with the student athletes for one or two hours per week or phone,
     but this would vary depending upon the specific student and

Academic status of student athletes - Bob Oakberg, Faculty Athletic
     - The average GPA of all student athletes Fall 2002 was 3.13, up
     from 2.95 Fall 2001.  Average GPA of women athletes Fall 2002 was
     3.22, for men - 2.93.  The men's basketball team GPA increased to
     2.91 Fall 2002, which is very high nationally.
     - Of the student athletes, 134 have a GPA greater than 3.00 (56%
     - The overall university average GPA is about 2.86.

Comments by the Athletic Director - Peter Fields.
     - MSU's student athletes are serious students, as well as
     - Last year, Ryan Johnson was one of 8 athletes, nationwide,
     recognized for his academic achievements, and 113 athletes from
     MSU received academic Big Sky honors.
     - During exit interviews by Fields with all student athletes,
     they indicate, for the most part, that their academic experience
     at MSU has been very good.
     - The Athletic Department is working on a strategic plan, which
     Rich Howard chairs.
     - The Athletic Department has made good headway in dealing with
     the budget deficit in the program.  This year, the program would
     be in the black, except for the previous deficit which is still
     to be covered, about $100,000.  Because of the small population
     in the state and the booster base, the department cannot be
     totally self-sufficient at this time and depends upon student
     fees and university funding for support.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Walter Metz.
     - The proposed amendment to Faculty Handbook Section 812.00
     (Responsibility of the Candidate to Submit Dossier) was
          - Warren Jones moved approval of the amendment, to be
          forwarded to President Gamble.  The motion was seconded and
     - The proposed amendment to Faculty Handbook Section 840.00
     (Review of Academic Administrators) was distributed.
          - Jack Jelinski moved approval of the amendment, to be
          forwarded to President Gamble.  The motion was seconded and
     - The proposed amendment to Faculty Handbook Section
     820.01(Relationship of Provost's Recommendation to Faculty Right
     to Grieve)  and Section 1312.00 (Deadlines for Filing) was
          - Jack Jelinski moved approval of the amendment, to be
          forwarded to President Gamble.  The motion was seconded and,
          after brief discussion, carried.
     - The proposed amendment to Faculty Handbook Sections 210 and 622
     (The Role of Faculty Serving as Department Head - Primary
     Administrator) was distributed.
          - Concern was expressed for wording in Section 213.00 and
          the meaning of the phrase 'decision-making process'.  Could
          this preclude department heads from participating in
          academic decisions?
          - After several suggestions for rewording, it was agreed the
          amendment would be returned to the Faculty Affairs Committee
          for discussion.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary         Richard Howard, Chair