April 23, 2003
Members Present: Marlow for Gipp, Sherwood for Giroux, Kommers,
Schlotzhauer, Leech, Taylor, Seymour, Jones, Yoo, Nehrir, Conant,
Weaver, Levy, Bogar, Jelinski, Pratt, Fisher, Lynes-Hayes,
Prawdzienski, Knight.

Members Absent: Young, Morrill, McDermott, White, Anderson, Linker,
Howard, Stewart, Lefcort/Bradley, Amend, Locke, English, Bond,
Idzerda, Lynch, Kempcke, Hoffman.

Others Present: Bandyopadhay, Dooley, Fedock.

The regularly-scheduled meeting was called to order by Chair Elect
Warren Jones at 4:10 PM.  A quorum was present.  The minutes of the
April 16, 2003, meeting were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Warren Jones.
     - As of Monday, there were 235 responses to the survey of MSU
     employees regarding tuition scholarships for their children.  The
     data gathered will be used to help make a decision about the
     - The University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (UPBAC)
     met yesterday for a macro-analysis of the FY04 budget.
          - The budget base and fixed costs increases, in addition to
          amendments for market equity and promotion and tenure
          adjustments, were included in the proposed budget.
          - Close to $2 million in quality improvements is included
          for the biennium.
          - The proposed budget will require a tuition increase of
          about 12.25% each of the next two years.  However, since the
          current tuition surcharge will not carry into next year, the
          actual increase for FY 04 will be small.  When ASMSU Senate
          meets April 24, they will discuss the proposed increase and
          the structuring of it over the biennium.  Tuition increases
          must be approved by the Board of Regents, but the President
          and Provost will make a strong case for MSU's increase,
          based upon available data and the intent of the university
          to maintain quality and access.
          - A public forum to discuss the budget if scheduled for May
          6, 1:30 PM, in SUB Ballroom B.
     - During discussion by the Council, the issue of faculty salary
     increases was raised.  Although the Bozeman Daily Chronicle may
     have indicated otherwise, the university administration has not
     in the past and still does not have a philosophy of limiting
     faculty raises to state employee raises.  However, in this
     biennium, because of the economics within the state and the
     substantial tuition increase needed to offset decreases in
     funding from the state, across-the-board raises have not been
     included in the budget.

Faculty Affairs Committee report.
     - In the absence of the Faculty Affairs Committee Chair, Chair
     Jones reported that all of the Faculty Handbook amendments
     forwarded to President Gamble have been approved by him and will
     be included in the Faculty Handbook as of July 1, 2003.
     - There are two amendments (The Role of Faculty Serving as
     Department Heads and Role, Scope, Criteria, Standards, and
     Procedures Documents) which cannot be approved by the end of this
     semester because of time limitations.  However, they can be
     established, with the approval of Faculty Council, as interim

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - Chair Jones distributed the ballot for nominations of faculty
     for university-wide committees and for Faculty Council positions.
     The election will take place at the April 30 Faculty Council
     - Shannon Taylor was nominated as Chair Elect.  Professor Taylor
     outlined his extensive experience on the campus and throughout
     the state, working on or chairing various commissions and other
     groups.  Through these groups and other associations, he has
     become acquainted with a cross-section of people on campus and
     around Montana.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:50 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              Warren Jones, Chair of the April
                                   23 meeting