September 24, 2003
Members Present: Weaver, McDermott, Kommers, Schlotzhauer, Monaco,
Leech, Taylor, Christopher, Yoo, Becker, Conant, Ashley, Lansverk,
Levy, Cherry, Kevane, Idzerda, Pratt, Neeley, Lynes-Hayes, Coon.

Members Absent: Ag Econ, Gipp, Giroux, Schmidt, Jackson, Howard,
Seymour, Jones, Cell Biol, Chem, Taper, Bond, Lynch, Prawdzienski,
Knight, Hoffman.

Others Present: Bandyopadhyay.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Elect Shannon Taylor.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the September 17, 2003, meeting
were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Shannon Taylor.
     - Items discussed by University Governance Council Steering
     Committee so far this fall include changes to the sabbatical
     application, brought up by Faculty Council last semester, and
     additional compensation for teaching overloads.
          - President Gamble has formed a small committee to consider
          the latter.  Faculty Council Chair Jones is a member.  One
          of the first tasks of the group is to define teaching loads.
          Please contact Chair Jones or Chair Elect Taylor with input.
     - The University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (UPBAC)
     met September 22 to discuss their vision of MSU five years in the
     future.  There was considerable consensus among faculty and
     administrators that desired outcomes include a student body of
     12-13,000, a reputation as a premier institution, higher college
     exam scores for entering students,  increased endowments,
     increased funding for endowed chairs, and adequate compensation
     for employees.  UPBAC will meet again October 14.
     - Discussion by Faculty Council followed regarding some of the
     issues important to Faculty Council members - addressing salary
     inequities across campus or at least acknowledging the reasons
     they exist, developing and sticking to a sustainable pay plan for
     employees, and the issue of whether MSU can be all things to all
     - The Board of Regents is meeting in Billings this week.  Topics
     on the agenda include discussion of tiered tuition and an
     economic road map.

University Governance Council Nominating Committee report.
     - Nominees for the Chair of the Committee on Grievance Hearings
     are Greg Keeler, Department of English, and Bill Brown, College
     of Business.
     - As there were no further nominations, discussion of the
     responsibilities of the Chair and of the two nominees followed,
     and written ballots were cast.
     - Greg Keeler was elected chair of the committee.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Marvin Lansverk.
     - The sabbatical application currently requires three letters of
     recommendation, only one of which may come from a MSU colleague,
     attesting to the significance of the project.
     - The Faculty Affairs Committee recommends the phrase, "only one
     of which may come from a MSU colleague" be removed from the
     requirement.  It is also recommended that a note be added that in
     previous years, only one letter from a MSU colleague was
     permitted; this restriction has been removed; and, the applicant
     may solicit external letters but it is not required.
     - Marvin Lansverk moved the change be approved.  The motion was
     seconded and carried.
     - Discussion for and against the motion offered several
          - The motion appears to make a change in the philosophy of a
          - Are sabbaticals a type of grant proposal or a time for
          renewal and study?
          - Because the number of sabbaticals is limited , what makes
          the best sense in helping the review committee in the
          selection process?
               - One of the Faculty Handbook criteria for sabbaticals
               is length of service at MSU.  Length of service should
               be more of a consideration during the review of the
               - Sabbaticals must demonstrate some relevance to the
               university and to the people of Montana.
          - Do external letters help?  It's difficult to determine if
          external letters are true indicators of the merit of an
          individual or proposal.
          - MSU-Bozeman not only ranks very low in the ratio of
          sabbaticals given to faculty when  peer institutions are
          considered, but MSU-Bozeman is the Montana University System
          school with the lowest ratio of sabbaticals to faculty.
          - Other opportunities, such as BEST, are not true
     - As there was no further discussion, a voice vote was taken.
     The motion carried, but not unanimously.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary              Shannon Taylor, Chair Elect