October 1, 2003
PRESENT: Gipp, Giroux, McDermott, Kommers, Schlotzhauer, Monaco,
Leech, Taylor, Howard, Christopher, Seymour, Jones, Yoo, Becker,
Taper, Ashley, Lansverk, Bandyopadhyay for Levy, Cherry, Giusti for
Kevane, Neeley, Prawdzienski, Coon, Knight, Dooley.

ABSENT: Ag Econ, Weaver, Schmidt, Jackson, Conant, Cell Biol, Chem,
Bond, Idzerda, Pratt, Lynch, Lynes-Hayes, Hoffman.

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by Chair Warren Jones.  A
quorum was present.  The minutes of the September 24, 2003, meeting
were approved as distributed.

Chair's report - Warren Jones.
     - The Board of Regents, at a September 24-26 meeting in Billings,
     considered the following.
          - MSU-Bozeman's Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree was
          listed as a proposal to be discussed at the November
          - MSU-Bozeman has been approved to move ahead with a
          two-year pilot to fund faculty who teach a course overload
          during the summer at a 3/9 salary during those months.
          - Two UM administrators received bonuses of $5,000.  There
          was discussion of the awards before they were approved by
          the Regents, and the action will generate further discussion
          of large bonuses for administrators.
          - Sixteen acres of MSU land and about 60 acres of MSU
          Foundation land immediately west of Bozeman will be sold to
          Mitchell Developments.  The sale will allow the Foundation
          to settle some aspects of a a previous lawsuit and provide
          some money for a proposed Animal Bioscience Building.
               - During brief discussion of the issue by Faculty
               Council, concern was expressed for the sale of the MSU
               land, which is agricultural, and the fact that the
               majority of the money from the sale will not go toward
               the purpose of the land's use.  New land is not being
               purchased to replace the lost property.
          - Regent Mercer presented two proposals:
               - An Economics Roadmap was approved in a much more
               modest form than the original proposal.  The concern
               was that the original proposal overlapped the work of
               the Montana Office of Economic Development.
               - The benchmark-for-quality proposal was revised
               significantly so it's goal now is to simply find a
               credible and coordinated way to measure and communicate
               the quality of the Montana University System, with
               emphasis upon the communication aspect.
          - Regent Hur presented a tiered tuition proposal.  The
          Tuition Policy Committee, which developed a differential
          tuition model last year, will probably address it.
     - The Chair of the Grievance Hearings Committee elected September
     24 is unable to serve in the position.  Shannon Taylor moved the
     second nominee for the position, Bill Brown, be elected as Chair.
     The motion was seconded and carried.

UGC Nominating Committee report - None.

Faculty Affairs Committee report - Marvin Lansverk.
     - The committee will consider some changes in language in the
     grievance section of the Faculty Handbook.
     - At today's meeting, the committee discussed the Provost's
     proposal to move University Promotion and Tenure deadlines
     forward about one month in the calendar year.  This will allow
     cases to move through the system in a more timely manner with the
     notification of the candidate happening about March 30.
     Departmental promotion and tenure committees would begin work
     during the spring and solicit external letters during the summer.
     There will be more discussion of the issues by the Faculty
     Affairs Committee before the issue if brought to Faculty Council
     for discussion.

University Graduate Studies Committee/Faculty Council Liaison report
- Maryann Prawdzienski.
     - The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree was approved by the
     Undergraduate Studies Committee, and, as noted by Chair Jones,
     presented to the Board of Regents as an item to be discussed at
     the November Board of Regents meeting.
     - A Faculty Council member expressed concern about Faculty
     Council's prerogative for reviewing new programs.  If it does not
     now exist, should a formal mechanism for Faculty Council to
     review academic program proposals be developed?

Discussion with Provost Dave Dooley.
     - Based on the recommendations of the Faculty Professional
     Development Task Force, the Provost and the Vice President for
     Research and Creative Activity propose a short-term professional
     development program,
     - Information about the proposal was distributed.
     - The length of the leave is proposed to be from one week to two
     months.  The maximum award is for $5,000, to be used for
     registration costs, travel, or subsistence.  The award may not be
     used for buy-outs or for salary.
     - The award is not intended to be used for attending
     regularly-scheduled discipline-based professional meetings but
     for activities that enhance capabilities for scholarship,
     teaching and outreach.
     - The program would be in addition to BEST, Scholarship and
     Creativity Awards, and sabbaticals.
     - The awards would be open to all faculty, with emphasis upon the
     merit of the proposal and the anticipated impact upon the
     - Proposals would include the activity for which the money is to
     be used, the amount of money needed, and a vita.
     - It is hoped proposals may be solicited soon, with the deadline
     for returning them November 30.  If the program is successful, it
     may be expanded and calls for proposals may be issued more than
     once each year.
     - The money currently set aside for the program is $50,000,
     one-half from the Provost's discretionary reserve and one-half
     from the VPRCA's IDC's.
     - In Faculty Council's view, should the Provost and Vice
     President for Research proceed?
     - Members are asked to discuss the program with their colleagues
     and bring that information back to the October 15 Faculty Council
     meeting or e-mail it to Chair Jones.

As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Joann Amend, Secretary         Warren Jones, Chair