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What is my Advisor Code, and how do I get it?

Your advisor code is a randomly assigned security code that you are assigned each semester prior to early registration. This number changes every semester, and is not connected specifically to your academic advisor. It is unique to you and not shared by any other student. You must use your semester-specific Advisor Code to be able to register for that semester. Your code is printed on your PDF (Personal Data Form) that you obtain from your academic advisor prior to registration.

How is my student (Banner) I.D. different from my Social Security Number? Is that my "user I.D." too?

Every student is assigned a student I.D. in our current software system. This is your student I.D. number, which is an 8-digit series of randomly assigned numbers that begins with a hyphen (-). MSU does not use your Social Security Number as an identification number because of security and privacy concerns, however that number is maintained in the data base for financial aid and payroll purposes.

When you login to your Student Records from the MSU homepage, be sure to include the hyphen as part of your student user I.D. You may use your Social Security Number as a user I.D. to login to your on-line student records (enter with no spaces and/or dashes), but it is not considered your "official" student identification number.

I forgot my PIN (6 digit password) for accessing MyInfo. How can I get that and what is it for anyway?

In addition to an individual user I.D. number, each student is also assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as an additional security measure. Initially students are assigned a 6 digit PIN that is based on your birth date (mmddyy). Upon the initial login, each user is given a message that “your PIN has expired,” which requires that you choose a new 6 digit PIN. That PIN will remain in place until the you change it, by accessing the Personal Information menu of your student on-line records.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you may still gain access to your student account by entering your student I.D. and selecting the "Forgot Pin" button on the MyInfo website. In the event that you have disabled your account, the Registrar's Office can re-set your PIN to the original 6 digit birth date number (mmddyy) so that you can log on. However, we do not have access to view the PIN you have selected.

How do I change my major?

You can obtain a Change of Curriculum Card from the Registrar’s Office, 101 Montana Hall. Your “old” department needs to sign the card, as well as your “new” department or major. Once the signatures are obtained, the Card should be returned to the Registrar’s Office for processing. It is not considered “official” until submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

When can I register for classes? How do I register for classes?

Your student status determines when you are eligible to register for classes. New students routinely attend an Orientation session during which they work with advisors and register for classes. Continuing students register according to a priority schedule which is published each semester in the Student Handbook prior to registration for the subsequent semester. Each student has a specific day and time at which he/she can access registration; that access remains open until the tenth day of the semester.

You will be given registration information from your academic major department, typically meeting with an advisor to discuss your academic planning. During that meeting, you will be given your Personal Data Form (PDF) which shows your registration access day/time and has your Alternate Pin/Advisor Code.

I tried to register on-line and got a message that I have a "hold." What does that mean, and how can I find out what the hold is?

Various "holds" can be placed on your student access to prevent registration. You will receive a message that you have been denied access and can view any holds under the Student Services tab in MyInfo, under Student Records. It will explain the type of hold, and direct you to the appropriate office or department to seek further explanation and assistance in clearing up the matter

Why do I have an immunization hold on my account? Where do I go to fix this?

All first time attending MSU students are required to provide specific proof of current immunizations. Until proper documentation is submitted, a "hold" is placed on your registration so you are denied registration access.

Questions regarding the immunization policy or submission of required records should be directed to the Student Health Services Office at (406) 994-2311, or in person at the Swingle Student Health Center located adjacent to the Strand Union Building.

The class I just tried to register for is full, so now what do I do?

If the available seats in a specific course are already taken by other students, you will receive a message that the course is closed. If your desired course section is closed, you may search for another section of the course by utilizing the Class Search Feature. You can also use a Add/Drop Form to request permission from the instructor to add the class even though the course is full. Once the instructor and advisor’s signatures are obtained, the Add/Drop Form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate deadlines for processing. Some departments maintain “Wait Lists” or register students in department courses; check with the instructor to determine the specific procedures for his/her course.

Do I need signatures on a form to add or drop classes? What do I do if the instructor is not available to sign my form?

Beginning with the fifth day of the class, all courses being added or the changing of sections in the same class requires a properly completed, student-initiated Add/Drop Form. Students may continue to drop courses only using Web Registration through the 10th class day of the semester. After that date, a properly completed, student-initiated Add/Drop Form is required. Students may drop courses for a refund through the 15th class day, unless they are completely withdrawing from school (0 credits), which requires a formal University Withdrawal processed through the Dean of Students’ Office.

If the instructor is not available to sign your form, you should contact the department head of that academic department for assistance.

Be sure to check the official semester calendar for specific deadlines for add and drop deadlines. Each semester, the 10th class day is the last day to add a class and the 15th class day is the last day to drop a class for a refund. Courses can be dropped after the 15th class day, but a W (Withdrawn) grade is received. W grades are not calculated in your semester grade point average (GPA), however, they are included in the Financial Aid Successful Completion requirements and appear on your official transcript.

How do I become a Montana resident for fee purposes, so I can pay in-state fees?

A summary of the Montana Board of Regents Residency Policy is available at the Registrar’s web site,, to read or print for future reference. This information is summarized from the original document “Montana University System Student Guide to Montana Residency Policy”, as published by the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education. This document may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, 101 Montana Hall in person, or can be mailed upon request.

Upon your formal application for admission, an initial residency review is made and you are classified as resident (in-state) or non-resident (out-of-state) for fee purposes. Additional documentation to support information submitted in your application or clarify any unclear information may be requested. Students may submit an appeal of non-resident classification to the Residency Review Committee. Forms and instructions are available upon request from the Office of the Registrar & Enrollment Services.

Currently enrolled or returning students who were classified as non-resident may petition to change that status to resident. To petition for a reclassification, the student must submit the questionnaire found in the "Montana University System Student Guide to Montana Residency Policy", with appropriate documentation of information by the prescribed deadlines. For instructions on required documentation and deadlines for specific semesters, contact the Registrar's Office. Residency petitions are reviewed by the Residency Review Committee. Students may appeal that Committee's decisions to the MSU Residency Appeal Committee. For instructions on petitions and appeals, contact the Registrar's Office

How can I get an official transcript of my courses and grades at MSU?

Official transcripts must be ordered with your personal signature and pre-payment of the $3.00-per-copy fee. You can submit an order form to the Registrar’s Office after paying at the Cashier windows in Student Accounts, or mail in a letter with the appropriate information and payment, or go to the Registrar’s web page,, to obtain information on how to order a transcript, which includes a hyperlink to a secure site to pay with a credit card.

How can I change my address? Can I do it on-line?

You can change your address by selecting My Info from the MSU homepage and Login to Secure Area. Once logged in, you can access Personal Info where you can update address and phone information. Before adding a new address, you must close out your previous address by putting in the end date for the old address. You may then enter your new address.

How can I get an unofficial transcript of my courses and grades at MSU?

Once you have completed a semester at MSU and grades have been posted to the student database, you will have an unofficial transcript on your student records, accessible via your secure login. Go to the MSU home page,, select My Info, then select Login to Secure Area. Under the Student Services tab, click on Student Records to access your unofficial academic transcript, as well as individual semester grades.

How do I find out how my transfer credits will be credited at MSU?

Please go to and click on "Transfer Equivalencies." You must select your state and school from the drop down menu. This lists the known transfer courses. If your have further questions, please contact the Registrar's Office if you are a returning student, and the Enrollment Services Office if you are a new student.

Will my MSU credits transfer to another school?

To determine if MSU credits transfer to another school, consult the web site of the other school and see if the class is listed. Keep in mind online transfer equivalency is for reference only and official transfer credit evaluations are completed in the admissions office of the school accepting the transfer student. To apply to another school, an official transcript from the MSU Registrar’s Office must either be sent to the school for a $3 fee or faxed for a $5 fee.

Do I have to declare a major?

Not as a freshman. Students have the option to enroll in the University Studies program and explore majors offered at MSU while fulfilling core requirements that count towards graduation. After completing 60 credits, a student must declare a major.

How do I declare a major?

A student obtains a change of curriculum card from the Registrar’s Office or any academic department. The card is signed and dated by an advisor in both the previous and new departments and turned into the Registrar’s Office.

Are faxed transcripts official?

Faxed transcripts are only official if they contain the MicroFax stamp and are sent within the state of Montana. All other official transcripts must be sent/received via mail.

How do I find out how my Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores will be credited?

Please go to and click on "Transfer Equivalencies." You must select that state of Montana and then Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate. This lists all of the Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses that we accept. Generally, you must receive a score of 3 or higher for AP credit to be accepted, and a score of 4 or higher for IB credit to be accepted.

I have a sick family member and will not be able to complete the semester. How do I withdraw?

If you are unable to complete the semester, you must complete a University Withdrawl through the Dean of Students Office. You may contact them at 406-994-2826 or stop by the Student Union Building Room 120.

I recently applied as a transfer student. I asked my school to send a transcript, but it will not be sent until my grades are finalized for this semester. Should I send you an unofficial transcript for now? If I don't, does that mean I will have to wait until June/July to find out if I have been accepted?

For now, just go ahead and have an unofficial transcript of your work to date sent to:
MSU Admissions
Montana State University
201 Strand Union Building
P.O. Box 172190
Bozeman, MT 59717-2190

If I change my major, does it affect which catalog I use to determine requirements for graduation, or do I use the same catalog that I am currently in?

If you change your major, you are not required to change your catalog. You may continue to use the same catalog as you began your studies with. You must only change your catalog if you you do not attend classes for one academic year.

Can I delay my enrollment after I have submitted an Intent to Register form? If so, for how long, in semesters, am I allowed to do so?

You may change the term on your Intent to Register form once you have submitted it. To do so, you must contact the Registrar's Office at 406-994-5512.

Do I have to fill out an Intent to Register 30 days in advance?

Intent to Register forms are due in to the Registrar's Office 30 days prior to registration in order to pre-register with the other continuing students. We will accept the forms through the beginning of classes, but you will no longer receive priority registration. The form takes 3-5 days to process and you will not be able to register until that is completed.

I am a Classified Staff employee and I am interested in taking a class. I have the Fee Waiver Authorization form, but I need to know if it is necessary for me to register to the university as a student or fill out any other paperwork.

Staff members must fill out the same application forms as the students. You may get instuctions on how to apply at Please note that the staff fee waiver does not cover all expenses and you must confirm your attendance with the Student Accounts Office.

I was wondering about the protocol regarding double majoring. I.e. what do I need to know? What forms do I need to fill out? etc.

Information on second majors vs. second degrees can be found on Catalog website.

A prospective employer is asking for documented proof of my degree. How can they access that information?

Documented proof of your degree may be obtained through an official transcript. Instructions of how to order an official transcript are online at

What do I do if I lost my advisor pin?

In the event that you lost your advisor code prior to registering, you need to contact your department. They have the capability of looking that number up for you. If you have already registered online for that term, you will no longer need your advisor code. Once a student has registered online for that semester, the advisor code is deleted and no longer needed for subsequent registrations. For questions, please contact the Registrar's Office 406-994-2601.

Do you offer continuing education courses? If so, is there a way I can receive a print out of your offerings?

Continuing Education at MSU-Bozeman is done through our Extended Studies department. You may find information on their website, During the summer, the session is split into four different part of terms. There is the first six week session, the second six week session, the full 12 week session, and an education interim session. Different classes are offered during different sessions throughout the summer. You may view these classes in the normal Schedule of Classes online.

When do I have to file an Intent to Graduate?

Notification of Degree Eligibility Students expecting to graduate at May commencement must notify the Registrar by filing an Application for Degree form in that office one year prior to the semester of completion. A $30 degree application fee is also required at the time the Application for Degree form is filed. Returning former students must file the application during the first week of university instruction of the semester of completion. Application for Degree forms received late will be filed with Application for Degree forms for the next semester in that academic year. Application for Degree forms can be moved from one semester to the next within the academic year only. If, however, it is necessary to delay graduation beyond the originally scheduled academic year, one must file a new Application for Degree form.

Where can I find the schedule of finals week to determine when my finals are scheduled?

The finals schedule is listed under "Timelines and Procedures" on the MyInfo Class Schedule webpage.