Solicitation and Advertising Policy Statement

Montana State University Family & Graduate Housing

May 15, 2002

Posters and Other Written Materials

  1. All advertisements posted in Family & Graduate Housing laundry rooms must follow these guidelines:
    1. Poster/Advertisement must be sponsored in-whole or in-part by Family & Graduate Housing or Montana State University, and say so specifically in the advertisement.


    2. Poster/Advertising must be approved** and stamped with a date by Family & Graduate Housing.


    3. Poster/Advertising must be stamped “approved” or with a date by Residence Life or Student Activities (who decide about relevance and appropriateness of advertising according to their written guidelines).
  2. Family & Graduate Housing reserves the right to remove any poster or advertisement which does not follow the above guidelines.


  1. Residents may place advertisements in the Classified Section of the On the Horizon newsletter if the advertisement is for:
    1. a Family & Graduate Housing or University-sponsored event/program
    2. for-sale item(s) or lost & found items
    3. a community service/event/production/program sponsored by a registered Student Organization or their designee.
  2. Family & Graduate Housing reserves the right to refuse to print any advertisement if:
    1. the advertisement is in any way in-conflict with its policies or those of the University
    2. time or space limits the advertisements’ printing
    Disclaimer: The ads in the On the Horizon classified section and/or posters/advertisements on laundry room bulletin boards do not necessarily reflect the views of Family & Graduate Housing or Montana State University. Family & Graduate Housing reserves the right to reject or alter advertisements which are in conflict with its policies or those of the University. Family & Graduate Housing occasionally accepts employment ads, advertisements for services offered, or concert/theater/event advertisements from outside non-profit community sources (see “Approved” groups). Be aware that Family & Graduate Housing is not affiliated with nor endorses the organizations or individuals placing these advertisements.

Information Tables

  1. All groups** requesting use of Family & Graduate Housing property for an information table must receive a signed permission slip from the Family & Graduate Housing Office.
  2. All groups must show the signed permission slip if requested to do so at any time during their informational session.
  3. The table must be set up in a place which does not interfere with normal Family & Graduate Housing business or impede resident traffic in any way.
  4. Groups are not allowed to:
    1. require residents to stop at their table or physically stop them
    2. require residents to give their address or telephone number in order to receive information or qualify for raffles, drawings, etc. (Residents who willingly give this information must be informed that they will be contacted by someone prior to them sharing this information.)
    3. advertise or discuss alcohol or drugs with residents
    4. leave their table and approach residents in the area
    5. call out to or otherwise harass residents as they pass the table
    6. impede foot traffic through the area or create any safety hazard or blocked exit


  1. Businesses wanting to distribute coupons to Family & Graduate Housing residents must come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office and get a signed permission slip. This will allow them to leave their coupons in the main office for residents to pick up if they choose to do so.
    1. Coupons may NOT be put in/on mailboxes, on/under doors, or on vehicles in the area.


  1. There are certain times when door-to-door campaigning is permitted. These are:
    1. during national, state, or local elections or ASMSU/RHA elections.
    2. at times specifically set by Family & Graduate Housing or Montana State University
  2. Some specific guidelines:
    1. All candidates campaigning door-to-door must abide by the rules and regulations of Family & Graduate Housing and the University.
    2. Candidates wishing to use other methods of advertisement/solicitation should use the guidelines listed in the above sections.

Planned Kiosk Posting Areas

  1. The kiosks to be provided in the future in FGH “common” areas will be open to FGH residents to post advertisements of their choice. The Family & Graduate Housing Office reserves the right to remove or alter any advertisement that:
    1. is no longer current (i.e. the event date has passed, the advertisement has been posted for more than three (3) weeks, or the advertisement contains no date of posting).
    2. violates the policies of Family & Graduate Housing or those of Montana State University

**Approved Activities/Events/Advertising Groups:

Registered Student Organizations (i.e. University “Clubs”)

Non-Profit and/or Service Organizations who meet criteria outlined in section 610.00 of the MSU Facility Use Manual on “Non-Affiliated Groups.”

Montana State University Colleges or Departments

Family & Graduate Housing Community Assistants

Family & Graduate Housing Office

Family & Graduate Housing reserves the right to alter and interpret any of the above regulations following its policies and those of the University.