Personal Status

Single w/ Dependent(s)
Married w/ Dependent(s)

School Status

Undergraduate w / 72+ Credits
Faculty / Staff / Post-Doctorate /
        Research Assistant / Visiting Faculty

Visitor Parking




DEPENDENT: Someone you have custody of, such as your child, or an immediate family member of the student (ie. father, mother, sister or brother).
UPPERCLASSMAN: You must have completed at least 72 credits.
GUEST SUITE: Temporary housing only! Maximum stay is 6 months. These are furnished differently than our other units!

If you don't seen an option that matches your situation, please call our office at (406)994-3730 or email us at

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FGH Buildings

Unit Comparison

Compare units on the following categories.
  • Price
  • # Bedrooms
  • # Baths
  • Sq. Footage
  • Amenities
  • Utilities Incl.
  • Campus Internet
  • W/D Hookups vs. Laundry Rooms
  • Heat Source
  • Cable Incl.
  • Parking
  • Parking Tags
  • Closet / Storage
  • Carpet / Tile
  • Furnished?