1. Why do I go onto a waiting list when I apply for Family & Graduate Housing?

    Answer: Everyone who applies to Family & Graduate Housing goes onto a waiting list. We work off this waiting list as our tenants come in and give a 30-day notice. We then assign the unit to the next person on the waiting list.

  2. Are utilities paid?

    Answer: Utilities are included in all units except the Westside Houses, Paisley Court and McIntosh Court. To set up the utilities, call North Western Energy at 1-888-467-2669.

  3. Are pets allowed?

    Answer: Only fish or service animals are allowed. Please contact our office at (406) 994-3730 for more information.

  4. Can I view the units in person?

    Answer: Yes. You may come in to our office on weekdays before 4:00 p.m. to check out keys and look at any unoccupied units we currently have to look at. Please bring a photo ID which we will hold onto while the keys are checked out.

  5. Does the Apply Now button on the website let me apply for the Guest Suites?

    Answer: No. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not offering Guest Suites. If you have questions, please contact us.

  6. If I am checking in on the weekend, can I still get a key?

    Answer: Yes. We have Community Assistant II (CAII's) on duty after hours and on the weekends. They can check you out a key to your unit if you arrive after the office is closed. The instructions to find the CAII's are posted on the office door every day.

  7. How do I contact the Community Assistant II's after hours if I have an emergency maintenance problem?

    Answer: Call the office phone at (406) 994-3730. As soon as you hear the message machine dial "0". You will be forwarded to the Community Assistant II on duty who can help you.

  8. Do I have to move out right after I graduate?

    Answer: Not necessarily. You may qualify for an extension which allows you to stay for a period of time after you graduate. Please call our office at (406) 994-3730 to see if you qualify.

  9. Do I have to move out during summer or winter break?

    Answer: No - as long as you are pre-registered for the following semester by a certain date (July 15th for fall and November 15th for spring), you can stay through the breaks. If your department is not going to register you until after those dates, just call our office for insructions on how to ensure your stay is not interrupted.

  10. I am no longer a student, but my spouse is, can we continue to stay in Family & Graduate Housing?

    Answer: Yes. You do have to fill out a student verification form to transfer the apartment into your spouse's name. These forms are available in the Family & Graduate Housing Office.

  11. I want to move out of Family & Graduate Housing - how do I go about letting the office know?

    Answer: You need to fill out the 30-day notice paperwork that is in our office and set up a check-out appointment. If you are not in town, but the 30 day mark is approaching, give us a call and we can help you through the process.

  12. How do I update "MY INFO" on the MSU Website?

    Answer: Please click on this LINK to open instrucitions. If you are having trouble viewing the link please contact our office.