The grounds crews are in the Family & Graduate Housing area almost every day mowing the grass or plowing the snow. Main walks are plowed by the grounds crew, however, the tenant is responsible for the snow removal on landings and sidewalks in front of his/her unit. The grounds crew also cares for all the trees and bushes in the area and will prune or trim them if needed.

Engine Heaters--Vehicles

engine heater plugin

It is important that only heavy duty, underwriter-approved cords be used for the heaters. Engine heaters blow out fuses in block-wide sections when improper cords are used. Regular extension cords are not safe, neither are multi-plug adapter. To facilitate snow removal for units east of South 15th Street, please keep the sidewalks clear of obstructions and elevate your vehicle heater cord eight feet above the sidewalk. Contact the Grounds Supervisor for information on elevating engine heater cords. Most outlets are controlled by thermostats so they are only activated by colder temperatures (approximately 20 degrees). Engine heaters at 112-119 Julia Martin and Grant-Chamberlain are on thermostats; 101-111 Julia Martin are not on thermostats. Both Branegan and Paisley Courts have mini-breakers on the posts.


flowers by fence

With the exception of Licensed Child Care providers and the West Side Houses, fences are not permitted in Family & Graduate Housing. If you are eligible to install a fence, contact the FGH Office prior to construction.


flowers in font of apartment

If you plant flowers around your dwelling, please stake off the plants so they are not mowed in their formative stages.

Garden Plots


Garden plots are available for residents' use west of the Paisley Court apartments, on the corner of West Garfield and South 19th Avenue. Detailed information is included in the On the Horizon newsletter. Plots will be assigned by number and must be paid in full before they are assigned.

Lawn Equipment

eco-groovy mower

The Family & Graduate Housing Office has a limited supply of equipment for residents to use in the upkeep of their lawns. Lawn seed, grass, clippers, rakes, lawn mowers, and shovels are available at the FGHO from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


tree in bloom

Families in the single dwelling units (Westside Houses) are responsible for mowing and watering their own lawns. The grounds crew will mow the large green area behind the units. Tenants assigned to houses are responsible for lawn maintenance. If the lawn is not kept clean and mowed, FGH will clean and mow the yard and the tenant will be billed at an hourly rate.



All garbage must be bagged and tied. Care should be taken to ensure all garbage is placed inside the garbage dumpsters. Please do not send children who are too small to open the dumpster lids to empty the trash. The occupant is responsible for the disposal of discarded appliances and furniture items too large for the dumpsters. Family & Graduate Housing personnel will remove large appliances and furniture for a fee.

Storage Sheds

storage shed

Storage sheds are allowed in the Family & Graduate Housing units east of South 15th Avenue. The sheds must be placed at the rear of the unit near the exterior wall. Please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office for permission and exact location placement. Storage sheds should be no larger than 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 7 feet high at the peak of the gable and neatly painted. If sheds are built, they will need to be painted white or the color of the outside of your house. It is the responsibility of the tenant to remove the shed upon vacating the unit. Please reseed the lawn after removing the shed. Seed can be obtained from the Family & Graduate Housing Office.

Sprinkler Systems


Please do not let children play with valves on buildings or underground sprinkler systems. Also, residents should advise their children not to move. Moved sprinklers have caused damage to other tenant's belongings due to open windows. Children are allowed to run through the sprinklers only.

Residents may check out a water key for irrigation from the FGHO if they do not have one in their unit.