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Meet The Staff

Family & Graduate Housing

Assistant Director:

Chancey Ringer oversees the daily operation of Family & Graduate Housing. Chancey has been with Family & Graduate Housing for a six years. He is originally from White Sulphur Springs, Mt. His favorite hobbies include fitness & recreation, sports and any time spent with family. Chancey says this about his favorite thing about FGH: " My favorite thing is easily the people. I enjoy the diversity of our students and staff - our community and staff offer an amazing wealth of people from different backgrounds and locales. As well, the configuration of graduates, undergraduates, doctorates, faculty, and staff in single, married, roommate and family configurations proves an amazing variety of people to meet and get to know in our community."


Maintenance Supervisor:

Tim Carlson is responsible for the interior cleanliness and condition of apartments. Tim has been with Family & Graduate Housing for 18 years. He is originally from Washington state. His favorite thing to do is to help family members and his favorite thing about Family & Graduate Housing is assisting students in their pursuit of an education.


Grounds Supervisor:

Jeff Jennings is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds, garden plots, and snow removal. Jeff has been with Family & Graduate Housing for 20 years. He is originally from California. His favorite hobbies and activities include camping and hunting. He says his favorite thing about Family & Graduate Housing are the people and that every day is different.


Housing Coordinator

Shardai Urdahl is responsible for maintaining occupancy, processing transfers and 30 day notices and supervising the student assistants.  Shardai has been with Family and Graduate Housing for nearly one year, and is originally from North Eastern Montana.  Her hobbies include floating the rivers around Bozeman, camping, playing volleyball, watching football and doing crafts.  Her favorite thing about with FGH is being a part of the MSU atmosphere and promoting academic success among MSU Students.


Program & Event Manager

Liz Grant Greenfield is responsible for community development in the Family & Graduate Housing community and supervises the Community Assistant Staff. Liz has been with FGH for 5 years.. She is originally from Glastonbury, CT. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, cooking, shooting, shopping and scrapbooking. Her favorite thing about FGH is the new people she meets every day and helping students achieve their academic goals. She also loves her CA Staff.


Administrative Associate

Kendra Philipsek is the main office assistant and is the program assistant for the Freshman Apartments. She is currently an undergraduate with the university, studying Psychology and Statistics. She has been with Family Graduate Housing for about a year and her favorite part of her job is meeting and helping the variety of people that come into the office.


Administrative Associate

Jason Platt is responsible for processing work orders, sending out maintenance notices, and setting up check-out appointments. Jason has been with Family & Graduate Housing for 5 years. He is originally from Billings, MT. His favorite hobbies include golfing, biking and camping. His favorite thing about working in Family & Graduate Housing is all the friends he has made from all over the world.


General Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff are scheduled through Facilities Services. Please call the Family & Graduate Housing Office at (406) 994-3730 to place a work order. Work orders are processed immediately upon request.

Student Staff

The student staff are an integral part of Family & Graduate Housing. Student staff are hired to work in the office, on the grounds or cleaning crew, as tower attendants, or as a program assistant. If you are interested in becoming a student employee, please stop by the FGHO to pick up an application.

Community Assistant I "CAs":

Community Assistants are available in all communities in Family & Graduate Housing. They are there to assist residents with problems, communicate resident concerns to the Family & Graduate Housing Office, and provide fun and informative programs and activities for their communities. To find out who your CA is please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office at (406) 994-3730.

Community Assistant II:

With the assistance of these "CA" II's, the Family & Graduate Housing Office is staffed 24 hours, every day of the year. The student night attendant "teams" check out keys and equipment, assist with minor maintenance problems, and call out the appropriate trades person when necessary. CA II's reside in Paisley Court and assume their after-hour duties from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. daily.

Employment Opportunities

At this time, we have no open positions

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