Bozeman Schools

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Children who live in Family & Graduate Housing are located in the jurisdiction to attend the following public schools:

  1. Irving Elementary School
  2. Sacajawea Middle School
  3. Bozeman Senior High School

Children planning to attend Irving School must pre-register before July 15. Please contact FGHO or Irving School at (406) 585-1600 for details. You may also contact the Bozeman Public School District at (406) 585-1501 for more information or to register your child. In addition to the Bozeman Public School District, a variety of private schools are listed in the Yellow Pages in the Bozeman telephone book.

Child Care Options

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ASMSU Day Care Preschool

Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) offers childcare facilities for children age 2.5 years through Kindergarten at the Louise Shunk Day Care/Community Center located at 1295 West Garfield Street (on the east end of the campus).  Applications for child care may be received by contacting the ASMSU Day Care[BROKEN LINK] office at (406) 994-4370 or go on the ASMSU web site under day care preschool and download an application.  ASMSU childcare is available for the children of enrolled students at MSU, MSU faculty and staff children.

Family Day Care Providers

A limited number of Family Day Care Providers furnish child care as a private business within their home in Family & Graduate Housing. Providers must meet standards outlined by both the State of Montana and the Family & Graduate Housing Office. For more information about becoming a provider or to have your child cared for by a Family Day Care Provider, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office at or (406) 994-3730.

Community Assistants

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Several Community Assistants are placed in selected areas within Family & Graduate Housing to assist with neighborhood issues including a community watch program, child and youth programming, community activities, family activities, noise complaints, dispute resolution, etc. Upon move-in residents will have the opportunity to meet their Community Assistant and receive helpful information regarding their new neighborhood through the AIS Walk-Through meeting. Your Community Assistant will contact you to schedule this appoitnment.

Looking to become a Community Assistant? Check out our employee page to see if there are opportunties for you:

Meet the Staff Page

Counseling Services


We are proud to partner with the Montana State University Counseling & Psychological Services-Counseling is availlable for free to all students who are eligible:

  • The individual living in FGH and seeking services at MSU is a student at MSU
  • If the individual seeking services is the romantic partner of a student living in FGH, we would see the partner here for individual services.
  • We do not ever see minor children – but we could provide referrals for someone needing services for a minor.
  • If neither person living in FGH is a student, then we would not see them here but could refer them somewhere off campus.
  • If the person living in FGH is an MSU staff person, we could see them if that person utilizes their insurance benefits to pay for services here
Contact the Counseling Center for more information at (406) 994-4531or visit their website at: more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

Events and Activities

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A number of seasonal community events are scheduled throughout the year for the entire family, including (but not limited to!) Dec Holiday Party, Pumpkin Festival, Easter Egg Hunts,community meetings, and community barbeques. A children’s day camp is held every summer for children between the ages of 6 and 11. See our calendar for more information about FGH Events and Activities.

Family & Graduate Housing Newsletter

horizon newsletter

The FGHO publishes On the Horizon, a newsletter containing information including but not limited to: updated policy items, upcoming events, announcements, and pertinent articles. The newsletter is the most immediate method of communicating information (including important information about policy changes and contract updates) on a mass level to residents. Therefore, tenants are responsible for all information outlined in the newsletter. The newsletter is delivered to residents' home monthly.

Garden Plots


Family & Graduate Housing provides a number of garden plots available in early spring for residents to reserve for vegetable and flower gardens. More info about Garden Plots at FGH is available on our grounds page.

Laundry Facilities

laundary facilities

Laundry Schedule

Washer/dryer hookups are installed in the Westside Houses and McIntosh Court.

Residents in the remaining apartment complexes are offered washer/dryer facilities within their apartment area at no additional cost.

Unless an apartment community is able to re-create an acceptable schedule, residents are expected to follow the Laundry Schedule outlined by the Family & Graduate Housing Office.

Residents are responsible for reporting any unauthorized usage of laundry facilities by non-residents. To prevent theft and unauthorized use, laundry rooms should be kept locked at all times. Family & Graduate Housing is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Since laundry machines are supplied at no additional cost to the tenant, residents are expected to assume care and cleaning of the machines. Tenants are asked to clean lint from dryers, dust counters, place garbage in dumpsters, and sweep laundry room floors once a day during scheduled cleaning week (this task takes 5 minutes to complete, and reduces the overall cost of rent). Failure to do so will result in a cleaning charge of $10.00.

Maintenance of Washers & Dryers

When a Family & Graduate Housing laundry room washer or dryer is out-of-order, please complete the following steps:

  1. Put an "out of order" sign on the non-working machine so other tenants do not attempt to use it.
  2. Call the FGHO at (406) 994-3730 and report the problem. The machines are serviced by an off-campus vendor who will respond to the work order within 24 hours.

Mail Service


Mailboxes are set in clusters in all complexes except the Westside Houses, which have their own individual mailboxes. Typically, the previous tenant will leave the mailbox keys in the apartment for the next tenant's use. If no keys are left, please contact the Post Office at (406) 586-1508 to arrange to have keys made.

Residents' mailing address should follow this format:

Name of Resident
Building number, Apartment number and Street
Bozeman, MT 59715

For example:

John Doe
100 Grant-Chamberlain Dr., Apt. 3X
Bozeman, MT 59715

For more information about postal requirements and local offices, please visit the United States Postal Service website.

Play & Recreation Areas


Play areas and playground equipment are provided for Family & Graduate Housing residents to enjoy. Playgrounds are not supervised and the University assumes no responsibility for misuse or injury.

Equipment is inspected regularly; however, residents are asked to immediately report any equipment in need of repair to the Family & Graduate Housing Office, or (406) 994-3730.

Swing sets in McIntosh Court owned by the resident, must remain close to their front door. Residents are responsible for maintaining the area surrounding the swing set, which includes care of grass, mowing and trimming.

The use of inflatable air jumpers is prohibited in Family & Graduate Housing. FGH reserves the right to prohibit the use or placement of any item exterior to the apartment unit that could pose potential harm or nuisance to others or damage FGH property. Such items include, but are not limited to: trampolines, air inflatables, unattended "kiddy pools," archery sets, fireworks, horseshoe pits, etc.