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Overseas Study - New Zealand

Overseas Student Teaching

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All elementary and secondary education majors who are eligible to student teach can elect to go overseas for their student teaching experience.  The field placement office works with Educators Abroad ( to place students in one of approximately 50 different countries. The cost for overseas placement varies due to airfare and location, some countries are less expensive than others; however, it is approximately $5,000 plus MSU tuition.

Before going overseas, teacher candidates will spend 4 weeks in one of the Gallatin Valley schools in order for the students to complete the TWS and 2 observations.  In addition, Teacher Candidates will be expected to take Professional Issues online.

Requirements for Overseas Placements:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • 2 academic letters of recommendation supporting this placement
  • Interview with Dr. Ingraham after submitting the Teacher Candidate Application
  • Attend 2 meetings about overseas expectations during the semester prior to departure.
For additional information regarding overseas placement, please contact Dr. Pat Ingraham at (406) 994-6277