Mission Statement


The Office of Financial Aid Services assists students in financing their educational expenses through a variety of federal, state, and institutional loan, grant, scholarship, tuition waiver, and work programs. In administering these programs, our staff works directly with applicants for student aid, with their parents or sponsors, and with secondary school personnel. The student aid delivery system touches, in one way or another, every department at Montana State University. In addition, we work with numerous external organizations such as donors, financial institutions, and state and federal government agencies, or their contractors. 

In support of the Mission and Vision Statements of Montana State University, the Office of Financial Aid Services is committed to:

  • Offering appropriate financial resources to students in an accurate, equitable and timely manner while complying with federal, state, and institutional regulations and guidelines;

  • Educating students and their families about financial aid programs and processes through quality consumer information and services;

  • Assisting students in the achievement of their postsecondary educational goals by making every effort to remove financial barriers;

  • Utilizing federal, state, and student resources judiciously, respectfully, and in support of our mission.