Withdrawing from the University


If you have Confirmed your Bill (accepted/paid your charges with the Student Accounts Office) and you decide to stop attending classes at MSU, you must officially withdraw from the university by contacting the Office of Student Success (SUB 177). If you withdraw from the university by notifying the Office of Student Affairs or the Division of Graduate Education (graduate students) and are assigned no grade prior to the 15th class day or a grade of 'W' after the 15th class day then an official withdrawal has taken place. If you earned no passing grades ("F, I, NR") at the end of the semester, it is determined that you unofficially withdrew and the amount of Title IV aid to be returned for the payment period will be calculated as if you withdrew at the 50% point of the semester, unless proven otherwise.

For financial aid purposes, the withdrawal date will be assessed by your first date of contact to the respective offices listed above. The institution may use any date they deem acceptable in considering potential refunds for university charges. These two dates are not interchangeable and the Office of Financial Aid Services withdrawal date is not negotiable. If you never attend any class, make this known upon completing your university withdrawal. The date of official or unofficial withdrawal, the type and amount of financial aid received and the amount of your original charges are factors used to determine the repayment amount. For more complete details on the calculation performed, please contact our office.

If you received funds for which you were not eligible, you will receive a bill from the Student Accounts Office (within two months of the determined date of withdrawal) and a Financial Aid Revision Notice and letter of explanation from the Office of Financial Aid Services (within 30 days of the determined date of withdrawal). If you have any student loans, your loan service center will be notified of the change in your enrollment status. In keeping with the terms of your loan promissory note, you are expected to notify your loan service center regarding any changes in address or enrollment status.

If you are one of the few students who are eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement, you will be sent a letter of notification of your eligibility, which must be returned within 14 days from the date of the notice, or the offer will be rescinded.

If you plan to return to MSU in a subsequent term during the award year, please notify the Office of Financial Aid Services.