Here is a portfolio of our collaborative lab projects. Click to enlarge.

Assessment Of Fruit And Vegetable Availability, Quality, And PreferencesClimate Effects On Tea Quality And Socio-economic ResponsesClimate Effects On The Culture And Ecology Of Sugar MapleExamining, Optimizing, And Building Capacity For Montana's Local Beef To School Supply ChainFood Environment Surveys In Rural And Tribal Health Disparate Communities Of MontanaFood Security And Biodiversity Conservation Of Indigenous Food Systems: Linking Ecological And Dietary IndicatorsImpact Of Food Portion Sizes On Consumer Behavior ResponseMaximizing Nutritious Choices Within The Food Distribution Program On Indian ReservationsPersistence And Resilience Of Butter Tea Food Systems In The Tibetan Plateau And Links To Human HealthStrategies To Reduce Food Waste And Increase Consumption Of Nutritious Foods

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