Below are selected publications from Food and Health Lab's Agroecology and Crop Quality and Human Nutrition and Behavior research themes. Please refer to our Research Gate profiles for the full range of our publications.

Research Gate Profiles

Agroecology and Crop Quality

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ahmed, S.; Stepp, J.R. 2016. Beyond Yields: Climate Effects on Specialty Crop Quality and Agroecological Management. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene (Forum on New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems). 4: 000092.

Herforth, A.; Ahmed, S. 2015. The Food Environment, Its Effects on Dietary Consumption, and Potential for Measurement Within Agriculture-Nutrition Interventions. Food Security 7(3): 505-520.

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR; Orians, C.; Griffin, T; Matyas, C.; Robbat, A.; Cash, S.; Xue, D; Chunlin, L; Unachuckwu, U.; Buckley, S; Small, D; Kennelly, E. 2014. Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Tea (Camellia sinensis) Functional Quality Validate Indigenous Farmer Knowledge and Sensory Preferences in Tropical China. PLoS One 9(10): e109126.

Ahmed, S.; Peters, C.M.; Chunlin, L.; Meyer, R.; Unachukwu, U.; Litt, A.; Kennelly, E.; Stepp, J.R. 2013. Biodiversity and Phytochemical Quality in Indigenous and State-Supported Tea Management Systems of Yunnan, China. Conservation Letters. 5 (6): 28-36.

Stoeckle, M.; Gamble, C.; Kirpekar, R.; Young, G.; Ahmed, S.; Little, D. 2011. Commercial Teas Highlight Plant DNA Barcode Identification Successes and Obstacles. Scientific Reports. 1 (42).

Selected Books, Technical Notes, and General Audience Publications

United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition with contributions from Remans, R.; Ahmed, S.; Fanzo, J.; DeClerck, F.; Herforth, A. 2015. Towards Sustainable, Healthy and Profitable Food Systems: Nutrition and the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Technical Note 4 Global Nutrition Report 2014.

Ahmed, S. 2014. Tea and the Taste of Climate Change: Understanding Impacts of Environmental Variation on Botanical Quality. Herbal Gram 103; Fall 2014 (Cover Story).

Ahmed, S; Herforth, A. 2013. Future Food: Use Local Knowledge. Nature 499 (409) (Correspondence).

Freeman, M; Ahmed, S. 2011. Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet. River Books Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand. (Large format book; 340 pages; 1.6 x 11.9 x 11.8 inches; 6.3 pounds).

Ahmed, S; Blumberg, J. 2011. Eggs and Evidence-Based Nutrition in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. Nutrition Close-Up Newsletter; Winter/Spring 2011.

Human Nutrition and Behavior Research Group

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Byker Shanks C, Banna J, Serrano E. Food waste in the National School Lunch Program 1978-2015: A systematic review. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2017.

Watson ZA, Byker Shanks C, Miles MP, Rink E. The grocery store food environment in northern Greenland and its implications for the health of reproductive age women. Journal of Community Health. 2017.

Byker Shanks C. Promoting food pantry environments that encourage nutritious eating behaviors. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2017.

Stephens L, Byker Shanks C, Roth A, Bark K. Montana cook fresh pilot workshop: A K-12 school nutrition professional training to incorporate whole foods in school meals. The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management. 2016;40(1).

Pinard CA, Byker Shanks C, Harden S, Yaroch A. An integrative literature review of small food store research across urban and rural communities in the U.S. Journal of Preventative Medicine. 2016;3:324-332.

Bates K. Byker Shanks C. Placement of a take-out container during meal influences energy intake. Eating Behaviors. 2015;19:181-183.

Byker Shanks C, Jilcott Pitts S, Gustafson A. Development and validation of a farmers’ market audit tool in rural and urban communities. Health Promotion Practice. 2015;16:859-866.

Byker Shanks C, Smith T, Ahmed S, Hunts H. Assessing foods offered in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) using Healthy Eating Index-2010. Public Health Nutrition. 2015;24:1-12.

Byker Shanks C, Ahmed S, Smith T, Houghtaling B, Jenkins M, Margetts M, Schultz D, Stephens L. Availability, price, and quality of fruits and vegetables in 12 rural Montana counties, 2014. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2015;12:150-158.

Jenkins M, Byker Shanks C, Houghtaling B. Orange-fleshed sweet potato: Successes and remaining challenges of the introduction of a nutritionally superior staple crop in Mozambique. Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 2015;36(3):327-53.

Calancie L, Leeman J, Jilcott-Pitts S, Kettel-Kahn L, Evenson K, Fleischhacker S, Evenson K, Schreiner M, Byker C, Owens C, McGuirt J, Barnidge E, Dean W, Johnson D, Kolodinsky J, Pitch E, Pinard C, Quinn E, Whestone L, Ammerman A. Nutrition-related policy and environmental strategies to prevent obesity in rural communities: A systematic review of the literature. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2015;12:140540.

Byker C, Smith T. Food assistance programs for children afford mixed dietary quality based on HEI-2010. Nutrition Research. 2014;34(1):35-40.

Byker C, Farris A, Marcenelle M, Davis G, Serrano E. Food waste in a school nutrition program after implementation of new NSLP guidelines. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2014;46(5):406-11.