The Food and Health Lab at Montana State University explores food environment –food - health linkages. We conduct basic and applied research addressing society’s most pressing issues of feeding communities with nutritious foods while maintaining the health of our environment. In particular, we work with diverse communities to address food system challenges. We offer collaborative space, research facilities, and critical training for an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students to study food systems. Our ultimate translational goal is to develop strategies for fostering biodiversity, food security, and high dietary quality to improve both human and environmental health outcomes.

Education is intricately linked to our research areas; we offer a range of courses on food system issues taught through the Food and Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems Programs at Montana State University.

Integrative Learning, Discovery, and Engagement Areas

  • Agriculture-Nutrition-Health Linkages
  • Characterization of Food Environments
  • Behavioral Studies on Food Choices
  • Development and Validation of Survey Tools
  • Nutrient, Phytochemical, and Sensory Profiling of Speciality Crops