Pre-University Studies (PreUS)

Pre-University Studies (PreUS) students have been conditionally admitted to MSU as part-time students due to not meeting the minimum admissions requirements. They may take a combination of courses through MSU and through Gallatin College’s Developmental Education program during their first semester.

PreUS students can be full time (up to 14 credits) in their first semester through a combination of Math, Writing, Effective Academic Practices, and/or First Year Seminar courses taught by Gallatin College, along with one or two Core 2.0, major, or elective courses through MSU.

After PreUS students attain a 2.0 GPA their first semester and successfully complete seven (7) 100-level MSU credits, they will transition to University Studies or an academic major for advising. Students who do not receive a 2.0 GPA their first semester will be suspended from MSU for one semester and may not take classes at MSU or Gallatin College while on suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PreUS