WATER WARS: A look at Gallatin Valley Water Controversies

Stop 5:
Day Ranch

Stop 6:
Fish Creek

Stop 7:
Other Considerations




You are a geologist hired to gather data, formulate an argument and present your findings in a legal trial brought against Gallatin County by the Day Ranch developers. Your goal is to produce the following:

  • As a geologist, develop an argument regarding the development of the Day Ranch. You will write your argument in essay form.

NOTE: Use your field notebook to help include relevant information. Remember, your notebook contains all of the data you gathered in the field to support your argument. It is a valuable resource for completing a valid, scientifically supported argument regarding the development of the Day Ranch

In your report:

  • Describe the Archean gneiss; geologic description and history
  • Describe the Tertiary sediment; geologic description and history
  • How are the two connected? What is the relationship between the gneiss and sediment?
  • Where is the groundwater located? How does the geology effect the location of water?
  • Is it logical (in terms of geology) to build the Day Ranch on the proposed site?
  • What is your decision? Should the Day Ranch be built or not?


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