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Help Me!!!


Problem: "Where is the Day Ranch, I don't see it on any of the maps?"
Answer: Because of the problems with private property, we are never able to go onto the Day Ranch property, so the field trip is examining the geology surrounding the Day Ranch.

Problem: "I can't seem to find images needed to answer the questions."

Answer: Roll your mouse of an image, if it highlights in purple, click on that image to find additional information.

Problem: "How do I jump from stop to stop?"
Answer: You can do it two different ways. The navigation bar at the bottom has a next button, click it and advance to the next section. You can also jump to stops using the menu bar on the left.

Problem: "I don't understand some of the vocabulary being used."
Answer: There is a glossary of terms found by clicking on italicized hotlinks or by clicking on the glossary icon in the navigation bar.
glossary icon

Problem: "Where do I find all these maps you are talking about?"
Answer: Again, there are two ways to get there. Click on the hotlinks in the map questions or click on the map icon in the navigation bar.


Problem: "I am finished with the field trip but would like to look at the questions again, do I have to go through the whole field trip again?"
Answer: No, you don't have to go through the entire field trip. There is a Road Log which details the learning goals and tasks as well as links to additional information pertaining to each stop. You can get to the Road Log by clicking on the road log icon on the navigation bar.
road log

Problem: "I don't fall into any of the categories above, now what?"
Answer: If you have further questions please email your TA, Laurie Cantwell