WATER WARS: A look at Gallatin Valley Water Controversies

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Q: "Water controversies, why should I care?"


  1. You need water to live!
  2. As a future landowner, you will need to understand water right issues.
  3. Water is a hot issue in environmental geology, in order to be a conscientious citizen; it is important to understand such issues.
  4. This is your community; it is important to understand the controversies plaguing your community.

We need water to live:

image courtesy of USGS Water Science For Schools

It may seem like water is one of the world's unlimited resources. Water should be one of the last things we should be arguing about! However, water is an extremely important and scarce natural resource in the United States.


image courtesy of USGS Water Science for Schools


As citizens, we need to understand who uses water and who owns it:

images courtesy of USGS Water Science for Schools

Because Montana is predominantly rural, landowners, developers and county commissioners deal with water right issues on a daily basis. Virtually all of Montana's population is served by private groundwater or surface water supplies.

So how do water issues affect us locally? Click to the next page to find out!

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