WATER WARS: A look at Gallatin Valley Water Controversies

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Day Ranch

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Fish Creek

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Other Considerations



Stop 7: Other Considerations

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road to Day Ranch

As you probably guessed, water is not the only issue in this controversy. Listed below are other arguments that were posed to the County Commission during the proposal stage of the Day Ranch controversy.

Arguments for: Arguments against:
  • high quality and accommodating development "raises the bar" for all subdivision applications in the County where no zoning exists.
  • traffic impacts; congestion, safety, speed
  • 90% of the land will remain open space
  • more effective to preserve open space rather than develop it.
  • economically positive , increases tax base and benefits the community as a whole
  • labor to maintain the golf course and homes will produce low paying jobs not benefiting the community
  • the subdivision is better than the alternative (i.e. random development)
  • protect and maintain agricultural land
  • developers share concerns with wildlife management, water rights holders, noxious weed management, etc.
  • negative impact on critical wildlife habitat winter range important to bears, wolves, deer and elk
  • "can't put a fence around Montana," use this as an opportunity to guide development in the proper direction
  • places high demand on services; fire, school, police force
  • does not comply with Gallatin County Master Plan

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