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Stephen J. Erickson


Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board




The purpose of the MSU Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board (RSFAB) is to represent the recreational interests and needs of the students and the university community.  The primary function of the board is to advise the Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness (RSF) regarding programmatic issues and the strategic directions within Aquatics, Climbing, Intramural Sports, Fitness Consultation Program, Group Fitness, as well as all of the facilities, indoor and outdoor, where RSF programs take place.

The primary duties of the board shall be to review, advise, prioritize and make recommendations on:

  • Program development and expansion
  • Program assessment
  • Facility scheduling and operating hours
  • Program and facility use eligibility
  • Capital projects and improvements
  • Major equipment purchases
  • Governance

Additional other duties of the board shall include:

  • Annual review of the mission statement.
  • Ensure department goals and objectives are aligned with the University’s strategic plan as well as meeting the needs of the MSU community.
  • Review fee structure and make recommendations regarding fees.

Term Length:

  • Voting board members are expected to serve for a minimum of one academic year.
  • Voting board members can serve up to a maximum of two academic years.

University Department Organization

The Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness (DRSF) is made up of the following entities (subject to change):

1. Instructional Programs
2. Intramural Sports
3. Climbing
4. Open Recreation
5. Aquatics
6. Fitness Program (Group & Consultation)

Board Composition

The Board shall consist of eleven (11) voting members made up of the following:

-Two Co-Chairs, who are the ASMSU Liaisons to Recreational Sports.

-One student representative from Intramural Sports

-One student representative from Fitness Programs

-One student representative from Recreational Sports Student Staff

-One student representative from Student Activities, Club Sports

-One student representative from the Residence Hall Association

-One student representative from Greek Life

-One graduate student representative

-One staff representative

-One faculty representative

-A list of RSAB members can be found here.

Ex Officio Members

Ex Officio members are non-voting members including:

-Director of Recreational Sports

-Director of Sports Facilities


One of the Co-Chairs must be notified of an intended absence no later than 24 hours prior to the Board meeting. Excessive absences, as determined jointly by the Co-Chairs, shall result in a recommendation for removal from the Board.


Members may be removed from the Board with a 2/3 affirmative vote.

Duties Of The Co-Chairs

The Co-Chairs preside over the Board’s meetings, act as the official representatives of the Board, will maintain communication with the Recreational Sports Director, and will perform other duties deemed necessary to the Board’s purpose. The Co-Chairs have one vote each.  One Co-Chair must be in attendance at each meeting or send a replacement from the ASMSU executive council.

Selection Of Board Positions

Co-Chairs:  selected by the ASMSU Senate.

Greek: selected by Greek Life.

Residence Hall: selected by the Residence Hall Association.

Graduate:  selected by the Graduate Student Association.

Club Sports: selected by Student Activities.

Intramural: selected by the Intramural Sports Director.

Fitness: selected by the Coordinator of Fitness Programs.

Student Recreational Sports Staff: selected by the Equipment Room Coordinator.

Faculty: selected by the Faculty Council

Staff:  selected by Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee (CEPAC).

Advisory Board Members as of 8/12/2014


Shad Cristando
Shane Barry
John Nesbitt


Chad Dokken

Residence Hall: 



Daniel Kanewske

Club Sports: 

Patrick Edwards


Anne Cronk


Andrew Benov

Student RSF Staff: 

Kassie Lybeck


Greg Young


Marie Doubrava

Ex Officio: 

Director of Rec. Sports and Fitness 
Steve Erickson 
Director of Sports Facilities 
Mel Stocks 
Student Proxy
Tannner Moe 

For more information on becoming a member of the Recreation Sports Advisory Board, please contact Steve Erickson at 994-5000 or

Board Procedures

Operational Principles

The Board shall use Roberts Rules of Order as the operational principles for conduct of Board meetings.


A majority of the seated Board shall be necessary to constitute a quorum (at least 6 of the 11 voting members).


Meetings of the Board will be held at least once per month during the school year pursuant to a schedule establised annually by the Board. During a scheduled meeting the Board may take action to either cancel or reschedule the next scheduled meeting.


The Operating Guidelines may be amended by a two-thirds vote.

Voting Procedures

Unless otherwise specified in these Operating Guidelines, action or decisions by the Board shall be by a majority vote of the voting members present. The exception to this shall be votes on Student Recreation fee increases and capital projects shall require a 2/3 affirmative vote of the members present to pass. All decisions by the board will be given to the Director of Recreational Sports as “advice” for the Department of Recreational Sports, its operations and services.

Last Approved: 11-30-2011