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Stephen J. Erickson


Rec. Sports Blog

Kevin’s Climbing Tips

  • Training your open hand strength builds crimp strength as well, however training crimp strength does not build open hand strength
  • Like most athletic activities, having strong core muscles is essential to climbing. It reduces the amount of swinging your body does as you move from hold to hold therefore making the moves feel easier
  • Having a good spotter is key to progressing your bouldering strength; when you are more worried about how to make the move rather than the consequence of the move your focus will sharpen
  • Track your climbing progress not based on the grades you climb, but based on how difficult a particular move feels one month compared to the the end grades don't really mean anything
  • There is a trail which goes below the 35 mph bridge to access the east side of Gallatin Canyon rather than crossing the road
  • The new trail access at Allenspur reduces both time of approach and erosion
  • Driving to Millcreek to climb takes the same time as if you were to drive to Gallatin Canyon and hike to Blackline you can belay from the back of your truck at Millcreek


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