1. Choose a Personal Trainer

Match a trainer to your fitness goals by reading the bios online at : http://www.montana.edu/getfit/fitness-staff.html

Or select a day/time that works for you and stop by the Recreation Sports Office (120 Hoseaus Fitness Center) to see which trainers are available.

2. Schedule a Free 15-minute Goal Assessment or Schedule Your Session(s)

A free goal assessment allows you to meet with a trainer to discuss your goals.

Or start immediately by scheduling your training session at 120 Hoseaus Fitness Center or call the Recreation Sports Office at (406) 994-5000

3. Pay for Your Training Session(s)

Choose an individual session or package.

Sessions may be paid for in-person at the Recreational Sports & Fitness office (HFC 120), by calling the office at (406) 994-5000, or online.

 4. Meet with your Personal Trainer

You will meet your trainer upstairs at the Fitness Staff Office in the North East corner of the gym by the elevator (unless directed otherwise by the trainer beforehand).