Camp Directors

Camp Directors are responsible for creating the day-to-day camp curriculum, overseeing counselors, and ensuring camp policies and risk management procedures are properly followed.

Sam Garcia

Sam Garcia

Sr. Camp Director

Degree/Education: B.S. Elementary Education with Early Childhood; Pursuing MEd in Higher Education

Hometown: Originally from Lakewood, WA

Camp Experience: Camp kid for 7 years and I’ve been a Counselor for the last 4 years with the YMCA. I’ve also worked 3 years in youth athletics as a soccer, basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics coach.


“Montana State Recreation Sports and Fitness has been my home away from home since 2014 and I couldn't imagine not walking into the building every day and working with the amazing staff we have! Having been a camper myself and then a camp leader, I have so many ideas about what summer camp should be like for the youth in our community and I want to provide a safe, engaging, and unforgettable experience for as many kids as possible.”


Jordan Dreessen

Jordan Dreessen

Camp Director

Degree: B.S. Health and Human Development with a Minor in Coaching 

Hometown: Billings, MT

Camp Experience: Summer of 2010-12, 2015 and 2016 (so 5 years total!). I’ve been involved with Billings Park and Rec Youth Summer Camp and MSU Sports Camp.


“I want to be a part of this camp to give kids an extraordinary summer experience at MSU in an active and healthy way. I want to help with the forming of relationships through summer camps that last a lifetime!”

Camp Counselors

Counselors are responsible for implementing the camp curriculum, and mentoring, coaching and providing a safe environment for all campers. They are the day-to-day fun people!


David Wood

Degree/Education: B.S. in Health Enhancement K-12 and minor in Coaching

Hometown: Colfax, CA

Camp Experience: I have worked at Hyalite Elementary for 2 years as an After School Paraprofessional and this will be my first year at camp.


“I have lived in Bozeman and have attended MSU for 3 years now. My favorite part about working with kids is being able to have fun each day at work. My ultimate goal is to make sure that each camper has a safe, memorable, and fun day at our summer camp.”


Laura Nearpass

Degree/Education: Community Health with minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Human Development

Hometown: Red Lodge, MT

Camp Experience: Camp counselor at Mimanagish for 2 years, working with kids ranging from 5th - 9th grade. Adaptive Ski Instructor for Eagle Mount. One summer with Bobcat Summer Youth Camp.


“My first summer with Bobcat Summer Youth Camp held excitement in each week’s activities. I look forward to this season and all the adventures that await."


Logan Hays

Degree/Education: Elementary Education

Hometown: Estes Park, Colorado

Camp Experience: Camp kid for many years growing up. I was a camp coach for a soccer camp back home, and this will be my second year as a camp counselor for Bobcat Summer Youth Camp. I am excited to take part in the amazing camp experience BSYC has to offer!


Julianne Harris (Kits Lead)

Degree/Education: B.S Health Enhancement K-12 with a minor in Family Consumer Science and Coaching

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Camp Experience: I’ve coached soccer, basketball, and lacrosse at all different age levels for the last 5 years.  I’ve been a lead camp counselor through Sky Hawks Sports Summer Camp teaching all sports to young children.


“I want to be a part of this summer camp to help kids experience the fun and excitement that camp is. Our youth give our community life and by having this summer camp on the MSU campus we are able to bring a new life and spirit to our campus providing an energetic and positive attitude to all campers and staff members.  I want to provide a safe, and encouraging experience for all kids and help them learn new and important life skills."


Edna Martinez

Degree/Education: Film

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Camp Experience: I used to go to camps for years when I was younger and I always loved the energy & confidence my camp counselor radiated. It inspired me to take this journey as a first-year camp counselor!


“Hey, sunshine! I'm Edna Martinez and I've been working with kids for about 5 years now. From assisting multiple elementary/middle school teachers, and participating in big sister little sister programs, to working as a substitute teacher at the faith early learning childhood center here in Bozeman! I love everything about staying active & making new friends, especially if it's in the summer-time! I've learned so much about the younger generation on how to help them strive as a person and build confidence but especially help them make the best summer they can possibly have!"


Tanner Olsen

Degree/Education: Applied Mathematics

Hometown: Great Falls, MT

Camp Experience: I'm a life-long camper and have experience officiating and coaching youth basketball leagues. I have also supervised youth, day camps for MSU during campus events.


"I've been working in campus recreation for four years, and I can't wait to see how fun camp is going to be! We have a terrific staff, and I'm excited about all the activities we can provide here at MSU both inside and outdoors. Looking forward to sharing meaningful and positive camp experiences this summer!"


Justin Dreessen

Degree/Education: Exercise Science on track to become a physical therapist

Hometown: Billings, MT


“I am an active member of the Exercise Science Club as well as the Love Your Melon crew that aids in the fight against pediatric cancer. I love playing games and making puns. You could call this summer camping because it’s going to be in-tents.”


Ali Newton (Jr. Cats Lead)

Degree/Education: Health Enhancement

Hometown: Kalispell, MT

Camp Experience: I was a well-seasoned camper for 10 years, attending sports camps, overnight camps, and Parks and Rec camps just like this one. I've been a camp counselor for three years, this coming one will be my fourth as a leader for the Jr. Cats group. 


"I'm so excited to take on a leadership role and provide a memorable, fun summer for some amazing kids!”


Jon Lemon (Bobcats Lead)

Degree/Education: Health Enhancement for K-12 and a minor in Coaching

Hometown: Hardin, MT

Camp Experience: Little Bobcat Track, Fit Kids Club, and active participation in Health Enhancement class requirements.


"I am very excited to be part of the new Bobcat Summer Youth Camp and work with kids in an active environment that enriches the health and well being."


Kade Peterson 

Degree/Education: Business Finance

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Camp Experience: This will be my first summer as a Bobcat Summer Youth Camp counselor and I couldn’t be more stoked about it!


Molly Ward (Kits Lead)

Degree/Education: Elementary Education

Hometown: Denton, MT

Camp Experience: I’m excited to come back as a Lead Counselor this year for BSYC! I started attending 4-H camp when I was nine years old, and once I was old enough I became a 4-H Camp Counselor for multiple years!

Executive Director

The Camp Executive Director is responsible for ensuring a safe, fun, and rewarding summer camp experience for the youth of our community.  They oversee all curriculum, risk management, personnel, and budgeting operations.

Spencer Sorensen

Spencer Sorensen

Degree: Masters in Sports Psychology
B.S. in Sports Management

Hometown: Boise, ID

Camp Experience: 10 years working with kids as a sports official and coach.


“I’m excited to bring a great camp experience back to this campus for the whole community to take part in. I love that this is a comprehensive camp and that kids will get to have fun from many different activity approaches than the usual sports camps. This new program will not only open up our facility to the youth of our town but also provide real meaningful leadership opportunities to our camp counselors. We hope to be able to impact as many future Cats as we can each summer with this thing, and we’re willing to put in the work to do so."