GX Updates and Current Procedures

Student Members: Purchase Your GX Pass (Listed Under Memberships)

Student GX memberships must be purchased online prior to class. There will be no point-of-sale in North Dome. GX classes will be free until Sept. 1st.

GX Update for Fall 2021:

  • GX classes will be offered live in North Dome from August 24th to December 11th.
  • The schedule for those classes can be found on the google calendar below. 
  • GX classes are included in non-student memberships.
  • GX classes are a small fee for student memberships ($25/semester; $10/week; $8/day).
  • All GX members: please check the schedule before attending a GX event. Due to the dynamic nature of post-COVID circumstances and the HFC renovation, a class could be canceled at any time. Please sign up for GX Alerts at the bottom of this page to most recent updates.

GX Virtual Studio

How to Access:

  • Follow: GX Virtual Studio (on vimeo.com
  • An additional platform being used is a private Facebook group called "MSU Online Group Exercise Classes."  Please search that title in Facebook and request to joinVimeo links from the GX Virtual Studio will also be posted to this group and this group is the best way to get the most up-to-date GX information.

 Please contact Whitney Hinshaw with any additional questions or concerns.  Click here to contact Whitney Hinshaw. 


GX All-Access Pass Prices:

Student Semester: $25/semester (Unlimited classes live and virtual)
Non-student: Included with Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center membership
Student Weekly: $10/week
Student Monthly: Not available at this time.
Student Per Class: $8/day
  • All participants must have a valid Cat Card.
  • All-access passes can be purchased online; class passes must be purchased in-person.
  • Classes are on a drop in/first-come, first-served basis. There is no need to sign up. 


GX Alert: Enter your name and email address here to receive notifications of Group Exercise class cancellations and schedule changes.



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