What should I expect during my first visit?

Whether this is your first time in our treatment room, or your first massage ever, we suggest that you arrive a few minutes early to fill out a health history and talk with your therapist. Your health history is confidential and we use the information to determine what kind of massage is best for you. You and your therapist will decide what muscles to address during your session.
Your therapist will leave the room while you disrobe, then you may make yourself comfortable on the massage table. After your massage is over, the therapist will once again leave the room while you dress and will knock before entering. Together you will review your session and assess how you are feeling.

Is massage suppose to hurt?

You should never be in an uncomfortable amount of pain. All bodies are different and each body responds differently to various amounts of pressure. Pain during a massage doesn’t always mean it’s “getting more done,” especially if the rest of your body is becoming more tense. Do communicate with your therapist regarding the pressure of your massage; our goal is to provide you with the best massage experience possible.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Our massage table has a set of sheets and a blanket, and you will be covered throughout your session. Some clients prefer to wear their underwear or completely disrobe, the choice is yours.

Can I talk during my session?

Some people find chatting to be relaxing, though you never need to feel obligated to talk to your therapist. Many people prefer silence to focus on relaxing. Your therapist will follow your lead.

What kinds of products do you use?

Our therapists provide their own products and you’ll need to ask your therapist specifically. In general, the products are hypoallergenic and as natural as possible.

Can I work out after my massage?

Generally, we don’t suggest an intense workout on the same day that you receive a massage.

Where is the location of the massage room?

Massage services are conveniently located on the Montana State University campus.  Currently, the massage room is located in the South Hedges Complex.  On the day of your appointment, enter through the main entrance on the east side of the building and wait for the therapist in the lobby.  You will be escorted to the massage room from there.