To apply please send resumes and cover letters to: Lilly Ellegood, Graduate Assistant for Operations, at [email protected]. Please note in the email you whether you qualify for state/federal workstudy.


Operations Assistants are expected to provide a pleasant and efficient experience for patrons visiting the fitness center. Employees will be the face of the HFC by providing information to patrons about programs, accessibility, equipment and facilities. Operations assistants will sell memberships and lockers to patrons as well as pro shop items such as athletic tape, resistance bands, wraps etc.

Expectations and Requirements

• Maintain a comprehensive understanding of RSF programs, policies and expectations

• Maintain frequent and clear communication with Operations GA, Program Manager, and check Trello, When I Work, and email for work related information

• Assistants are expected to speak, act, dress and work in such ways that represent RSF, MSU and themselves in the highest possible manner at all times

• Hold a current CPR/AED/First Aid certification (or obtain within 2 months of hire)

• Attendance at all staff meetings, student development trainings and one-on-one meetings as scheduled with your supervisor(s)

Dress Code

Assistants are required to wear appropriate attire and appear professional in appearance on all shifts:

• Name tags on at all times

• RSF shirts/jackets to be worn on shift

• No hats while on shift

• Closed-toe shoes

• No see-through leggings or revealing tops/shorts/skirts


Service - Community connection and team building

• Walkthroughs of the HFC (entire fitness center including Functional Training Room (FTR), Climbing wall, upstairs, indoor track and group exercise areas)

• Checking in with the GX monitors and Fitstaff on rounds

• Ensure safety and correct improper use of exercise/equipment – be present on the fitness floor. Ensure HFC policies are being followed by all patrons (be sure to familiarize yourself with the policy board, this is an expectation)

• Build RSF connections and rapport with fellow HFC employees and supervisors

Safety - Cleanliness and Organization

• Maintain cleanliness and organization of equipment on the fitness floor

• Maintain cleanliness and organization of equipment room and back break room


Knowledge and communication

• Conduct rounds to obtain participant numbers and keep watch of events and activities within facility

• Maintain a working knowledge of all HFC programs, events and policies and be able to communicate these clearly and accurately to patrons

Other on shift duties as assigned

• Clean equipment

• Organize equipment room and notify GA when stock/inventory is low

• Assist in locker clean out

• Special Event monitoring (Bozeman Basketball, etc.)