Full Video Transcript for Rec Well Interview with Ciarra McCormick 

I'm Ciarra McCormick and I'm a Graduate Assistant for Membership Services. Wellness means to me, basically happiness. So not having to work so hard to kind of enjoy the life that you have. Wellness is impotant to me because I feel like it's one of the more overlooked parts of your everyday life and once you really dive into wellness you realize you're kind of in charge of it, and that's really liberating. I would be lying if I told you that I actually follow my hours. I stay in this building all day long because I'm either hanging out with friends, or doing homework, or working out. It's a safe space for me. I wish that more students knew that wellness is not fitness, and that you can see your wellness in so many different ways and, shameless plug, in this facility there's so many options other than working out. There's something for everyone here that will help them with their wellness. My name is Ciarra McCormick, and that's how I Rec Well.