Student memberships are purchased on a per-semester basis. For students taking seven or more credits, the student fees include Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center access are automatically included in their tuition cost.  For students taking six credits or less, they must elect to pay these fees at Montana Hall.  

2019/20 Student Membership

Student  Membership Cost
Enrolled in 7 or more credits


Automatically paid with tuition

Enrolled in 6 or less credits


Pay at Montana Hall, 2nd floor



Membership/Locker Information Involving the Roof Collapses, Spring 2019

We understand that the temporary pop-up locations that the University provided did not fully replace the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center functionality, which is why Montana State University provided students who had fitness center access with a $12 credit to their student accounts. This amount is approximately half of what each student pays in fees to operate the fitness center per semester, reflecting the half-semester closure. Student fees that are used toward principal and interest on the fitness center debt cannot be returned, so the refund includes only those fees used toward daily operations.

Refunds to students taking six or fewer credits during the Spring 2019 semester, who paid the extra activity fee of $113.24 were also paid out .

Pro-rated refunds for locker fees paid bystudent patrons were posted to  student accounts on April 18, 2019.  This included 50% of the rental cost for Spring semester, full reimbursement for Summer 2019 rental (if applicable), and the $5 locker deposit collected with the first semester of a locker rental.  

All locker items were removed from locker rooms and patrons were notified to pick up their belongings.  If you held a locker and did not retrieve your locker contents, please do so at this time by contacting the Membership Service Desk at the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center.  If you have questions regarding whether or not we have your items, please call 406-994-5000.